Carlson: Where Are Congress, White House as Big Tech Cracks Down on Free Speech?

by Jeff Poor, Breitbart News


Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson opened his show with a reaction to Facebook’s banning of so-called “dangerous” entities.

The Fox News Channel host offered a question to his viewers, which was as to where congressional leaders and the Trump administration were amid this “crackdown.”

“What about us? Who is standing up for us?” Carlson said. “Where are our leaders in Congress? Where is the White House? Nowhere. As long as big tech isn’t hassling them personally and directly, as long as their accounts remain open, they don’t seem to care.”

“They’re fools,” he continued. “Would any of these people get reelected in a country where left-wing tech companies control the terms of political debate? Can you really win a presidential election if Google opposes you? No, you can’t. Not a chance, not right now. Without free speech, there is no democracy. It’s time to stop lying about that.”

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Tucker Carlson Vows to Never Bow to the Leftist Mob

Tucker Carlson: We will never bow to the leftist mob’s attempts to silence us, no matter what.

As anyone who has ever been caught in its gears can tell you, the great American outrage machine is a remarkable thing. One day you’re having dinner with your family, imagining everything is fine. The next, your phone is exploding with calls from reporters.

They read you snippets from a press release written by Democratic Party operatives. They demand to know how you could possibly have said something so awful and offensive, and ask something like, “Do you have a statement on how immoral you are?” It’s a bewildering moment, especially when the quotes in question are more than a decade old.

There’s really not that much you can do to respond. It’s pointless to try to explain how the words were spoken in jest or taken out of context, or in any case, bear no resemblance to what you actually think or would want for the country. None of that matters. Nobody cares. You know the role you’re required to play. You are a sinner that needs the forgiveness of Twitter.

So you issue a statement of deep contrition. You apologize profusely for your transgressions. You promise to be a better person going forward with the guidance of your contrition consultants. You send money to whatever organization that claims to represent the people you supposedly offended. Then you sit back, and brace for a wave of stories about your apology, all of which simply provide a pretext for attacking you again.

In the end, you get fired, you lose your job. Nobody defends you. Your neighbors avert their gaze as you pull into the driveway. You are ruined. And yet, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how despised and humiliated you may be, there is one thing you can never do — one thing that is absolutely not allowed. You can never acknowledge the comic absurdity of the whole thing. You can never laugh in the face of the mob.

Since the day we went on the air, they [the left] have been working hard to kill this show. We haven’t said much about it in public; it seemed too self- referential. The point of this show has never been us. But now, it’s obvious to everybody. There is no pretending that it is not happening. It is happening, and so, going forward, we’ll be covering their efforts to make us be quiet. 

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Carlson: VA Dems Not Calling for Northam Resignation Want Blackface, Klan Robes ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’

On Friday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker reacts to the trends toward infanticide in the recent Orwellian abortion laws and proposed/passed by Progressives Democrats, especially by Virginia governor, Ralph Norton. Pay particular attention to the sarcasm he uses. The full transcript is below the video.


As you saw on tape, Northam came out in favor of infanticide this week. Not exaggerating. Northam said it slowly and clearly. You just saw it. Then he reiterated his views, just in case he wasn’t clear the first time. In a statement today, Northam explained that abortion at any stage is a positive good, and this is worth listening to this carefully, because, quote: “Reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom.”

In other words, abortion is virtuous, because it makes women efficient employees, better and more dutiful servants of Northam’s donors. They can work longer hours without worrying about anybody but their bosses. Northam is in favor of that, so are the democrats that are serving their own masters in the private equity class.

Well the press covered this of course, but not in the way you’ve imagined. So to the reporters of the Washington Post, the real crime here, was Republicans complaining about Ralph Northam. Quote: “Abortion bill draws GOP outrage against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, Democratic legislators.” That’s a headline. Republicans whine too much, infanticide, not a big deal.

And then all of that changed you heard on today, the first day of Black History Month, a site called Big League Politics uncovered the photo Trace just told us about. What is so interesting about it, is that Ralph Northam spent a lot of his last campaign calling his opponent racist, again and again and again. The closing of that campaign was non-ending flurries of ads putting up the Republican opponent up against pictures of what happened at Charlottesville, the atrocities of Charlottesville.

There is no evidence his opponent was racist, but Northam said it a lot. And yet strikingly, Northam’s opponent never took pictures of himself in blackface or in a Klan robe. So there is some irony in this story. As of right now, a number of prominent Democrats, Kamala Harris among them, have called for Northam’s resignation over this. But there are many in his party, particularly in Virginia, who are standing by him.

Those Democrats personally oppose blackface and Klan robes, as a matter of conscience, but they don’t want them relegated to some black alley. They want blackface and Klan robes to be safe, legal and rare, a private matter between a politician and his donors. For now, Governor Northam will be kept comfortable, you can be certain of that. He will be resuscitated if that is what his party desires.

Carlson: Republican Voters Will Long Remember if Republicans Defend ‘Folk Hero’ Kavanaugh in His Time of Need

Friday on his Fox News Channel program, Tucker Carlson explained how over the past 48 hours, Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh had become a “folk hero” in the eyes Republicans voters.

Carlson warned Republicans if they failed to defend Kavanaugh, voters will “long remember” it.

“[A]t this point, Kavanaugh isn’t just a Supreme Court nominee,” Carlson said. “He is a folk hero to many people — an inspiration to millions. People who have spent the last two years being browbeaten and bullied by their moral inferiors were buoyed by what he said yesterday. These are people who have been told they’re worthless and bigoted. They have been unfairly maligned because they are in the way of other people gaining power. They’ve been commanded to shut up and obey. Kavanaugh stood up for those people yesterday. He raised a middle finger to the tormentors, and they love him for it.” Read the rest at

Kavanaugh Accusation is More Credible Because it Can’t be Corroborated?

On Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker laid out his views on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process, and he pulled no punches (partial transcript):

…This is a bad joke, this whole thing. That’s clear at this point, and everybody knows it on both sides. What’s amazing is that Republicans for some reason are still playing along.

Last week Senate Republicans declared in effect that all allegations against Brett Kavanaugh must be heard, no matter how frivolous or obviously fraudulent they are. Senate Republicans are the ones who made the “Court of Credibility” possible in this country. It shouldn’t have surprised anyone the New Yorker ran this piece. How many more pieces like it are coming? As many as it takes. No question about that. We can’t control the Senate Republicans. Obviously they exist in their own world, but we can remind them what is at stake here.

If Brett Kavanaugh, who’s a mainstream judge. A moderate really. A man who’s literally married to George W. Bush’s assistant can’t get confirmed to the Supreme Court, then no Republican can get confirmed to Supreme Court, even with the Republican Congress, ever. But it’s worse than that. There’s a midterm election just weeks from now.

If you’re a Republican you may be wondering why should I bother to vote? You backed Trump two years ago. Your brother-in-law from Brooklyn mocked you for it, so did a lot of other people but you did it anyway why because you wanted secure borders, you wanted an end to Obamacare and you wanted non-crazy people on the Supreme Court of the United States. You didn’t get the first two. You’re starting to realize you probably never will get them, but the Supreme Court, that ought to be easy. And yet somehow we’re all discovering it’s not easy. Why is that? Well there’s a really simple reason:

Republicans in the Senate don’t really care about you. If they did care about you, they would protect you. That’s what you do for people you care about, you protect them. If the Republicans cared, they would protect you from the foreign invasion our immigration system has become, they would protect your children from the torrent of mandatory propaganda they face in schools that are bankrupting you, they would protect your privacy and your freedom of speech, freedom of worship, from the tech monopolies that seek to crush all of those things and they would protect Brett Kavanaugh from the obvious smears that are stirring his family and his life. But they won’t protect him and they won’t protect him for the same reasons they won’t protect you: because it’s hard and embarrassing, or because they just don’t feel like it.

This could be a socialist country in a few years. It’s moving that way. A lot of us would like to be protected from that. Our representatives don’t seem to notice. Good luck on November gentlemen [bold type- mine].

Tucker Carlson Reacts To Project Veritas Exposing CNN

In this segment from Wednesday’s program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson uses an undercover video clip from James O’keefe of Project Veritas showing leftist CNN contributor and former Obama administration member Van Jones talking about the so-called “Russia scandal.” Jones calls it a “nothing burger” and says that CNN has been promoting it for “ratings.” Carlson then brings on author and talk show host Mark Steyn and the two engage in some hilarious but poignant commentary on the topic. Watch:



Piers Morgan May Actually be Human

Former CNN anchor Piers Morgan appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) on Monday, and called out democrats on their never-ending efforts to sabotage President Donald Trump. Here’s a portion of the transcript of Morgan’s remarks which begins about 8:10 into the clip:

…If I was on the left, I would surely work out by now be trying to work out how we lost, to Somebody like Donald Trump, who is a non-politician; he wasn’t even a guy with any military experience. He comes out of nowhere as a business guy in a TV star and he’s become the president of United States. How has that happened? And the reality is, that for all the fancy talk about Barack Obama being this wonderful president, actually in the polls before the election, over seventy percent of Americans said they were unhappy with the direction of the country.

And Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate, who offered nothing new, nothing fresh, and I was doing a documentary series around Florida and Texas throughout last year. I spent a lot of time in those states, and I could feel the Trump phenomenon as it was happening in real time. And it really came down to this: They thought that Donald Trump cared about the stuff they actually cared about, and that’s how he managed to resonate. And he won and he won fair and square.

So my message to the left is: If you want to try and beat Donald Trump, then do it democratically and stop trying to delegitimize him. Don’t try to make every tweet, every statement, every comment he says, the Armageddon of the world, and just try and apply some rational political common sense to defeating your opponent…”