Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens with ‘Open Arms’ While 38K American Veterans Remain Homeless

by John Binder

Sanctuary cities across the United States are responding to President Donald Trump’s threat to bus border crossers and illegal aliens to their jurisdictions, saying they plan to welcome all illegal immigration with “open arms” despite soaring homelessness problems.

Last week, Trump threatened to bus border crossers and illegal aliens into sanctuary cities and states, like California and New York City, if the country’s asylum laws were not changed. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Sunday confirmed that the White House is considering the plan.

“The USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities,” Trump posted on Twitter over the weekend. “We hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level, especially by the State of California, which is well known or it’s poor management & high taxes!” Continue reading HERE.

Florida Lawmakers Introduce Bill Banning ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

AP Photo

By Katherine Rodriguez

Florida Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that will target “sanctuary” cities and counties, along with the elected officials that support them, that don’t cooperate with federal enforcement of immigration law.

Sen. Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach) and Rep. Larry Metz (R-Yalaha) introduced SB 786 and HB 697, known as the “Rule of Law Adherence Act,” Wednesday in Tallahassee, the Miami Herald reported.

The bills seek to ban “sanctuary policies” in Florida and create fines and penalties for state agencies, local governments, or law enforcement agencies that use these policies and don’t comply with federal immigration law.

“The one thing that everybody should know in our country is: We can’t choose which laws we’ll obey or which laws we don’t obey,” said Bean. Read the rest of this story HERE.

Breaking – House Passes $1 trillion Spending Bill

Didn’t take ’em long, did it?Two Faced

By Tom Howell Jr. – The Washington Times – Friday, December 18, 2015

The House easily overcame discontent in both parties to pass a $1.1 trillion bill Friday that funds the government, averts a federal shutdown and allows newly elected Speaker Paul D. Ryan to turn his gaze toward a pivotal 2016.

All but 18 Democrats rallied with 150 Republicans [bold type – mine] to approve the bill, 316-113, after Minority Leader Leader Nancy Pelosi urged her troops to look past a contentious provision that lifts a ban on U.S. oil exports.

Its passage follows approval Thursday of a bill that extends popular tax breaks for businesses and families. The Senate is set to take up the two-part deal as a single package Friday and dispatch it to President Obama for his signature.

“This has been a busy month for all of us,” Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, said. Continue reading at:

Megyn Kelly: Why Is Obama Silent on Woman Murdered by an Illegal Immigrant?

Via Mediaite/DailyBreakingNews:  Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened The Kelly File Thursday by asking why President Barack Obama spoke out about the deaths of young black men, but ignored the San Francisco murder of Kate Seinle at the hands of a five-time deported illegal immigrant.

“When asked repeatedly this week to speak to this case, White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to weigh in, other than to refer folk to the Department of Homeland Security,” Kelly said. “A stark contrast to what we saw after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, a man we now know was attacking a police officer at the time of his death,”

“His funeral saw three Obama officials in attendance,” she noted. “His death drew comments from President Obama personally, and the administration sent in the DoJ and 40 FBI agents dispatched to Missouri after Michael Brown was killed. Where is the swarm of agents in San Francisco?”

“Then there was Freddie Gray in Baltimore, a repeat drug offender who was killed in police custody. Here again his funeral was attended by three Obama administration officials, and again the president spoke personally to Freddie Gray’s death, and again sent the DoJ in to investigate.”

“When Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida, the president spoke to his death which as later ruled to be in self-defense,” Kelly noted. “But Kate Steinle?”

“Give an answer! You can’t!” she challenged liberal talk show host Richard Fowler. “There’s no excuse for it! He picks and chooses the victims he wants to highlight. And apparently, this victim wasn’t deemed worthy!”