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Jerry Brown’s California Wanted to TAX Text Messages

Breaking News: California decides not to move forward with texting tax after FCC ruling.

We Squeaked Through This One: Keep Fighting

Professors’ Union: Gender is Not Determined By Biology

In a stunning statement of anti-science significance, the American Association of University Professors said this week that anyone still arguing that gender is defined by birth is espousing an idea that has been “thoroughly discredited by over fifty years of feminist, trans, queer, and critical race research and by lived experience.”

Ooh, a whole 50 years is all it took for your political-motivated fake-sciences to discredit the last 4,000 years of human existence? How marvelous for you! Gee, we bet we could start up a discipline called Critical Dumb Liberals Studies and prove within only 25 years that this country would be better off if all of you immediately embraced your gay desires and stopped reproducing.

In the statement, the AAUP criticized the governments of Hungary, Poland, Brazil, and the U.S. for trying to enact laws that forbid much of the nonsense that transgender specialists want to inflict on society.

“Authoritarian efforts such as these can justify racial, class, and sexual policing that disciplines forms of kinship and homemaking—including same-sex, multi- generational, or other nonnormative households— that deviate from established nuclear family norms,” they wrote. “By substituting their ideology for years of assiduous research, they impose their will in the name of a ‘science’ that is without factual support.” Read the rest of this article at

Suprene Court: Mark Levin Tells Republicans to Get on With the Vote

On Sunday’s ‘Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark Levin lays out the real reason the Democrats are destroying Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and in this short clip from the end of the program, he challenges weak Republicans to step up to the plate, stand up and vote.

Watch the full program below:

Mark Levin’s Blistering Rebuke of Democrats Kavanaugh Attack

OMG: You MUST Listen to THIS one.

Constitutional expert Mark Levin lays out what is really going on with the blocking of the Kavanaugh nomination.

On his radio program Wednesday evening, CRTV host Mark Levin issued a blistering rebuke to the progressive Democrats responsible for smearing Judge Brett Kavanaugh these past few days.

“What you see here, ladies and gentlemen, is a battle between those who support the Constitution and those who don’t,” Levin said. “Those who support constitutionalism and those who support progressivism.”

“Progressives are not compassionate; progressives don’t have big hearts,” Levin continued. “They use people. In the name of people, they destroy people. In the name of the public, they destroy society. They are power-hungry. They are control freaks. They are authoritarians, and you’re seeing it all over TV and all over Congress.”

Feinstein Needs to Go

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[Two of Two]

They Don’t Hate The NRA. They Hate You

by Kurt Schlichter

The progressives are cranking things up to 11 on the Stupid/Psycho Scale, which is good for us in the short term – some of us Normals were growing complacent and the midterms are coming. But we also need to open our eyes and accept the bitter reality we face. We can’t just pretend the truth is not the truth because we wish it were otherwise. The left’s dropping of its mask has demonstrated once again the undeniable fact. The left hates you.

Just give them a listen. Those carefully selected moppet puppets are out there on TV telling Normals “We are going to outlive you.” When leftists tell you that you are going to die first, you should believe they mean it. They have a track record of making that happen.

And then there is the new meme, that the NRA is a “terrorist” organization. This means you are a “terrorist” simply by advocating for your political views. Think about that. Labeling your political opponents as “terrorists” – gee, that can’t end badly. Violence against and suppression of terrorists is okay, isn’t it? And when this ploy works with guns, it will happen with the next right the left wants to take from us.

How’s that blood on your hands? Sure, you were thousands of miles away, and your AR-15 – like the 14,999,999 other AR-15s out there – never shot up a school, but just believing in the Second Amendment makes you a non-human. Those of us who know something about history know that the people leftists regard as non-human always tend to end up non-living.

Oh, they want to have a conversation, all right. It’s a conversation about how you are going to be disarmed, disempowered, and at their mercy. Read the rest of this article at

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