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The old Bolshevik mare just ain’t what she used to be, and she never was.

That’s because socialism doesn’t work and it never has. It starts with cries of ‘equality’ and ‘free stuff’ and ends in misery, despair, and tyranny.

This is not hard to figure out. Nobody wants to work for free and there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for that lunch. Farmers must grow crops and raise cattle. That food must be processed and shipped. Bakers have to bake the bread. Stores and restaurants work to prepare and serve that lunch. It all takes time, effort and labor. If it were free, there would be no incentive for anyone to provide it. Read more HERE.

Christmas in Venezuela: Nothing Under the Tree

Venezuela Empty ShelvesToday is Christmas Day.  But this is not your typical Wishing you a Merry Christmas post although I certainly do. It’s a reminder of what it’s like on some parts of the globe and what some of our so called leaders would wish upon us. The following piece by Mark Tapson originally appeard in

Welcome to Bernie Sanders’ vision of America.

Breitbart reports that after two years of socialist price controls and rock-bottom crude oil prices under President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelans have nothing left to spend on presents this Christmas.

One Caracas resident complained that “This year, Christmas is dead, there is not enough money.” She added that there is no Christmas decor anywhere and people cannot even afford the basic goods for a traditional Christmas dinner, which one website estimates costs the equivalent of about one third of the monthly minimum wage of about $11 a month. “You either eat or you dress your children,” a Caracas vendor says.

Breitbart points out that last year,

Maduro debuted a “socialist Barbie” that almost bankrupted stores forced to sell it after the government forced the price down to a tenth of its value. Barbie was the latest in a series of goods – eggs, milk, flour, vegetable oil – to suffer a similar fate. Fixed price controls forced the government to issue ration cards for basic goods in 2014. That year, Maduro also used his time on television to condemn the anti-socialist opposition for being “grinches” trying to “steal Christmas” from the people by condemning said price controls and demanding an end to the violent oppression of dissidents.

In 2013, Maduro’s first year in office, the government released a Christmas carol praising the leader titled “Knock Knock– Who Is It? People Of Peace, Lower Those Prices, Nicolás Is Here.”

The government’s take on Christmas celebrations has been significantly more muted this year.

Welcome to socialist paradise.

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