Levin: Rashida Tlaib’s Radical Anti-Semitism is the Growing Wing of the Democrat Party

by Jordan Schachtel

On his radio show Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin began his program discussing the out-of-control anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party, particularly emerging from within its Islamist ranks.

Levin stated that freshman Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib is “a radical, just like [Ilhan] Omar is a radical.”

“You really ought to listen to this, because this is the growing wing of the Democrat Party. It really is. And it is repulsive. It’s unconscionable. And it’s getting worse,” he continued.

Levin played a podcast interview of Tlaib with Yahoo News over the weekend and proceeded to dissect her falsehoods, specifically her lies about the Holocaust and her ancestors’ roles in assisting Nazi Germany.

Watch the short video of Rep. Tlaib’s Bizarre Comment About the Holocaust HERE.


Mark Levin: Mueller Is No Longer Investigating Collusion


Monday night, on the Sean Hannity show, conservative radio host, constitutional scholar and former Justice Department official Mark Levin opined that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is no longer investigating collusion, but “everything else.”

They also discussed Levin’s upcoming Sunday night program, Life, Liberty and Levin, which will be debuting next month on Fox News.

A Tribute to Justice Scalia

This video published by The Federalist Society, commemorates the life and work of Justice Antonin Scalia — using the words of friends, colleagues, and others to speak about his life and enduring impact. Justice Scalia will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to the faithful interpretation of the law as it is written.

[Our Statement] The Federalist Society deeply mourns the loss of Justice Scalia, and extends its sympathies to the Justice’s family and his many colleagues and friends from over the years. Justice Scalia was among the greatest members of the Supreme Court in our nation’s history, and will long be remembered for his intelligent, principled, and tenacious dedication to our Constitution and to faithful interpretation of the law as it is written. He has had an enduring impact on the way our country approaches law and the Constitution, and we are grateful for that extraordinary contribution as well as the tremendous kindness he has shown the Federalist Society and many of its leaders and members since our founding.

Hat tip: Mark Levin, LevinTV.com.

Mark Levin Launches Nightly TV Show

Conservative author and talk radio host Mark Levin launched his subscription-based, commercial free, online television show, LevinTV last night. The broadcast will air weeknights at 9:00 PM Eastern time. You can watch LevinTV on a variety of platforms including mobile devices. And you don’t have to worry about missing a show as you can access previously aired shows on demand.

“I am thrilled we are expanding our Town Hall meeting place for patriots by taking TV broadcasting to a new level on multiple platforms where I will speak directly to my audience — uncensored, without middlemen, and commercial free. I make no excuses for my patriotism, I am proud of it, and LevinTV℠ will reflect it. It’s about time there is a place on television where people can go and have their principles, beliefs, and values reinforced rather than attacked.” – Mark Levin

The subscription price is $69.00/year with an inaugural special of $59.00/year which has been extended through this Friday, March 11th. The monthly subscription price is $7.99/month.

Click this link to go to the official LevinTV website for more information and to subscribe.

Watch the full inaugural show below.

Mark Levin Contrasts Barack Obama with FDR

In this audio clip, radio talk show host Mark Levin compares president Roosevelt’s strong address to the nation immediately after the United States was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor, to start World War II, to the typical “blame America” lecture we endured from president Obama after the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack that killed fourteen Americans and wounded several others.

To quote Mark Levin: “You know, for this guy to be lecturing us, three hundred and fifteen million law-abiding Americans, who don’t bother anybody, who don’t harm anybody, who don’t send our kids overseas, we’re not trying to sneak into refugee camps and such. For him to be lecturing us, when fourteen of our fellow citizens were shot down in cold blood and slaughtered, and twenty one others too, in yet the next act of terrorism, is a disgrace. This man is a humiliation. He is not MY president. He is not MY president. I impeached him in my own mind and in my own heart a long, long time ago. How dare you talk to us in this way, Barack Obama! Don’t you know we’re the greatest people on the face of the earth? That’s why all the world’s people try to come to this country. Don’t you know that we go anywhere to fight for liberty and security, one hell hole to the other, defending people who shoot us in the back? We don’t need your damn lectures. Something’s seriously wrong with you…”

Obama: Mizzou Students Can Protest – Tea Partiers, Not So Much

On his radio program Monday evening, Mark Levin played a brief audio clip where Barack Obama in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, said that if he were a student on the University of Missouri campus, he would join the protests. He admitted that he did not know “all the facts.” Levin pointed out that Obama didn’t think it was appropriate for ordinary American citizens, “in a thoughtful and peaceful way, to protest taxes, you know, like the tea party, or the size of government.”

He said of Obama: “You are trashing tens of millions of Americans, who in their own communities were rallying, peacefully. They didn’t harm anybody, they didn’t attack anybody, no violence whatsoever, no trash left behind. You didn’t much like them. You were calling them all kinds of stuff, as were your surrogates. So that’s not allowed. The hard working taxpayers of America, organizing freely, you know, associating to advance a political agenda, that you had a problem with. But on the campuses, all the subsidized left wing groups, and the tenured professors…”

Obama’s State Dept Spokesman Refuses to Denounce European Union’s Requiring Labeling of Products Made in Israeli Settlements

On Tuesday’s radio program, Mark Levin discussed Obama’s State Department spokesman Mark Toner’s refusal to denounce the European Union’s plan to require labeling products made in Israeli settlements. No other country’s products will require such labeling. This is a not so veiled attempt to facilitate boycotting of Israeli goods. Listen to the segment here:


A sign on a store owned by German Jews: “Protect Yourselves, Don’t Buy from Jews”

A sign on a store owned by German Jews: “Protect Yourselves, Don’t Buy from Jews”

Sadly, the above commentary is just one of the many examples of the resurgence of Anti-Semitism both at home and abroad. Is history repeating itself?

Mark Levin: We Damn Well Better Nominate a Conservative This Time Around

On Saturday, August 1, 2015, Mark Levin was the final speaker at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference.

This clip contains the last four and one half minutes of Levin’s speech where he explains the dire necessity that true Conservatives take our Republic back in 2016.

About Young America’s Foundation according to their website: Young America’s Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

As the principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of American youth to these principles. We accomplish our mission by providing essential conferences, seminars, educational materials, internships, and speakers to young people across the country.

Click HERE to see Mark Levin’s full presentation as well as those of others at this event.