Nolte: Watch the Oh-So ‘Sacred’ Intelligence Community Lie, Lie, Lie

This is a follow-up to a post that appeared here on 12/19/2018, entitled Helsinki Is One of Trump’s Finest Moments.

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by John Nolte

Even though only a mad man would trust America’s Intelligence Community, turn on your televisions and what you are seeing play out is a lethal mix of McCarthyism and Iraq.

In 2002, in the lead up to the disastrous Iraq War, we were told to salute and buy 100 percent into the Intelligence Community’s (IC) assessment that of course Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, and of course those weapons would end up in the hands of terrorists.

Therefore, we had no choice but to launch a pre-emptive war, and anyone who disagreed, or who even expressed skepticism, was deemed a traitor, suspect, and un-American. And to my everlasting shame I was one of those shaming others. But at least I learned. The establishment media, Democrats, and the neocon dead-enders in Never Trump are all desperate to return to 2002. But this time it is worse, much worse, because this time we are supposed to salute and buy 100 percent into an IC assuring and reassuring us nuke-heavy Russia is destroying everything sacred about America. But…

Isn’t it all just a tad too neat?

What I mean is, during the 2016 election, the IC and then President Obama did nothing to stop this so-called meddling. In fact, Obama admonished those concerned with meddling to “stop whining.”

But now Now NOW that Trump upset the world in that election, anyone skeptical of meddling is guilty of treason, is a traitor, because Russia not only meddled, Russia committed an ACT OF WAR.

Man alive.

And then there is the return of McCarthyism, the comeback of the Red Menace, the encore of hysterical red-baiting unseen in 60 years.

Just as it was in the red-baiting decade that began after WWII, so it is now. Yes, Russia was a legitimate threat then and is now, which is why I am thrilled Trump is responding to that threat in substantive ways  that shame both of his predecessors.

Trump has signed off on sanctions against Russia, including targeted sanctions against Putin’s inner-circle; he has armed Ukraine, bombed Russia’s client state of Syria, drawn a legitimate red line in Syria. Trump is also desperate to strengthen NATO, eager to cut off Germany’s purchase of energy from Russia, has closed near a half-dozen Russian consulates and booted their personnel, and reversed Obama’s policy of appeasement by finally authorizing the sale of missile defense to Poland.

Nevertheless, Trump is still not patriotic enough because the red-baiter’s new Loyalty Oath demands we salute, blindly accept, and act on the findings of the same IC that shrugged off and told us to stop whining about election meddling when Hillary was 10 points up; the same IC that missed the fall of the Soviet Union and 9/11; that bungled us into Iraq;  that used a dossier filled with Kremlin-fed lies to try and frame Trump for collusion; that spied on Trump, wiretapped him, leaked national security secrets to undermine his presidency; that forged FISA warrants against him, and who are currently using as proof of meddling two dozen kangaroo indictments of Russian citizens who will never be extradited, which means nothing will ever be proven in court, which means it is all bull shit.

Is it not just a tad too neat that within 12 hours — the day before Trump won the presidency and the day after — we watched in real time as the oh-so sacred IC, Obama, Democrats, and the establishment media went from “stop whining about usual-usual Russian meddling” to ACT OF WAR— went from “this has been going on for decades and we are ready for it, crybabies” to ACT OF WAR?

But we must also look at the players themselves, at these esteemed gentlemen in positions of enormous power who watched Hillary Clinton destroy evidence and lie, but still exonerated her, and then used her campaign’s Kremlin-laced dossier to forge FISA warrants in order to spy on Trump’s campaign…

Let’s watch as these wretched men, these unbalanced, dishonest, hyper-partisans lie to us, lie under oath, and define patriotism only as BELIEVING EVERY WORD THEY SAY…

The swamp is filled with monsters and the only thing standing between us and their monstrous madness is Trump’s healthy skepticism, his refusal to forget the lessons of Iraq. And while he is not perfect and could be more articulate and makes mistakes, he does so in pursuit of doing the right thing, which is to keep the monsters you will meet below from manufacturing whatever horrors they are willing to put our sons and daughters through (not to mention hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians) in order to primp and polish their own self-regard.

These hideous men, like their confederates in Never Trump and the establishment media, are the most dangerous breed of all: nihilistic peacocks…

And only a madman would trust them.

Nolte’s piece continues with details of six “Dirty Cops” from the intelligence community (IC): Robert Mueller, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok where he includes short videos and copies of tweets. Click HERE to view.