Thoughts On Ron Paul

Some thoughts on Ron Paul-

The negative articles submitted about Congressman Paul only involve earmarks, pork barrel spending and his Foreign Affairs policy.



 Despite this impressive record, Ron Paul’s history contains some curious indiscretions in PORK spending. In 2008 he voted against an amendment that would strip out all earmarks from a spending bill. That has gone against much of the REP establishment.  In 2007, Ron Paul requested more than sixty earmarks “worth tens of millions of dollars for causes as diverse as rebuilding a Texas theater, funding a local trolley, and helping his state’s shrimp industry.”  


Ron Paul states “I don’t think they should take our money in the first place.  But if they take it, I think we should ask for it back.”  (From 2012 White Paper)



Paul has, over the years, been criticized for newsletters published by him.  In the past he has attempted to deflect criticism by noting that he didn’t write all the newsletters himself (they were however published under his name and without bylines).  Reason did a piece a while back on this subject:  Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?

The main problem, as Kirchick notes, in his article in The New Republic-

whoever actually wrote them, the newsletters I saw all had one thing in common: They were published under a banner containing Paul’s name, and the articles (except for one special edition of a newsletter that contained the byline of another writer) seem designed to create the impression that they were written by him–and reflected his views. What they reveal are decades worth of obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays. In short, they suggest that Ron Paul is not the plain-speaking antiwar activist his supporters believe they are backing–but rather a member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics.


Foreign Policy-

Iran should be allowed to have a nuclear bomb, Republican candidate Ron Paul suggested during Thursday’s presidential debate.

The maverick Texas Congressman also said it was time to stop the half-century old embargo on Cuba and all troops should be brought home.

His comments brought scorn from rival candidates.

Rick Santorum said “Iran is not Iceland, Ron. “It’s been at war with us since 1979.

“Anyone who suggests Iran is not a threat to this country is not seeing the world very clearly.”

Paul said it is natural for Iran to want a bomb as it is surrounded by countries such as India, Pakistan and Israel which all have one and with China, the United States and Russia all involved in the region. He said the U.S. should not get involved in the country’s internal affairs.

He also said that during the Cold War we still spoke to the Soviet Union, and we should have dialogue with the mullahs too. “This is likely to lead to a sixth war,” said Paul. “Yes they have some militants in Iran, but they are all around the world. Iran can’t reach America, they don’t even have an air force. Iran can’t even make enough gasoline for itself.”

He accused the other candidates of warmongering. “They are building this case just like they did in Iraq, with war propaganda. There was no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I bet you supported that too,” he said, as Santorum nodded, agreeing he had.

“It’s time to quit this” added Paul. “It’s trillions of dollars we are spending.”

He also attacked his rivals – “all these free-traders” – for wanting to continue the embargo on Cuba. 
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