‘Election Confessions’ In NBC Poll About 2020 Candidates Are Hilarious

by Chrissy Clark

NBC released a new way of polling public perspective. It’s called Election Confessions. It’s really just a carefully calculated feelings-meter, but the content is quite interesting.


Using the NBC platform, users can write what they think about the 2020 candidates in 130 characters or fewer. Some people took it seriously, asking legitimate questions and giving their honest opinions on the state of the Democratic Party.

Others, well, they had a little more fun with it. And by fun I mean they wrote comments with the same filter as a five-year-old. Here’s a round-up of the funniest — and rudest — election confessions for each of the 2020 Democratic candidates:

Michael Bennet









Joe Biden


See the rest HERE.

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  • Posted June 26, 2019

    The Flash

    I wonder what they would say about Trump? Remember, NBC caters to the left, so the vast majority of those commenters would vote ANY Democrat in final election.

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