Chase Withdrew Services to Conservative Business One Day After Slate Reporter’s Query

Chase bank in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on July 7, 2015. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

by Peter Svab

after a journalist with the left-leaning online magazine Slate inquired about the business and linked it to “a hate group,” a leaked email shows.

On Jan. 31, Slate reporter April Glaser sent an email to several Chase representatives asking whether Chase was aware that an online store——linked to the right-wing group Proud Boys was using Chase as a payment processor, according to an email obtained by independent journalist and commentator Tim Pool.

“Is the usage of Chase Paymentech in support of such groups against Chase’s policy? On a deadline,” reads the email, which Chase confirmed as authentic, according to Pool in a June 7 video. Read the rest HERE.



  • Posted June 10, 2019

    Joe Z

    When are Trump and Bill Barr going to stop this violation of free speech? Congress is useless. The DemocRats love this and the Republicrats look the other way while accepting contributions from corporate globalists.

  • Posted June 10, 2019

    The Flash

    I guess now I’ll add Chase to the list of businesses I will NEVER patronize. Vote with your wallet! Sometimes, that’s the only language some people understand. And do the opposite too, support those who support American values. Whenever I get fast food, I always try to patronize Chick-Fil-A.

  • Posted June 10, 2019


    Must be nice to be paid to spend all your time chasing down ways to hunt conservative businesses.

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