Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “Peaceful Transition of Power”

by L.J. Keith

WASHINGTON, DC: The attempted coup staged by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump has completely destroyed the notion of the “peaceful transition of power” in America.

Never before in the history of the Republic has an outgoing President attempted to sabotage and undermine his successor. Until Barack Obama.

The very fabric of the United States demands that the integrity of our elections be respected. No two-term President has ever sought to destroy the Presidency of his successor by maliciously undermining them both before and after he was elected.

The peaceful transition of power was an integral part of American Democracy. Not anymore, apparently.

A conspiracy to destroy Trump

But Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both damaged the United States in ways the Russians couldn’t even hope to.  They have openly assaulted the integrity of our elections. Weaponized the intelligence agencies, the DOJ and the FBI against political opponents. Actively conspired to overthrow the President. Set in motion a series of corrupt activities and cataclysmic events that have eviscerated the character of America for the last three years.

In the process, Obama is the destroyer of the very notion of the peaceful transition of power. His criminal activities to undermine the Trump Presidency amount to sedition, abuse of power, abrogation of civil rights, waging an effective coup d’etat against the constitution and amount to treason.

Hillary Clinton continues, two years after she lost, to insist that the election was “stolen from her”. Obama Vice President Joe Biden agreed with a New Hampshire voter who declared Trump an ‘illegitimate President”.  Hillary Clinton invented the Russian Dossier that John Brennan and James Comey inflicted on the body politic. Joe Biden was part and parcel of the Obama administrations dirty tricks, criminal spying, and overt corruption.

A reckoning is coming: Barr appoints US Attorney John Durham

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  • Posted May 18, 2019

    Joe Z

    If AG Barr does not put these bad actors in the slammer, this country may be down for the count. Also, voter fraudsters like Brenda Snipes (Broward County) need to see the inside of the big house.

  • Posted May 18, 2019

    The Flash

    I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again – the bad actors at the top – Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Holder, etc. will NEVER see a day of prison time. For the purpose of optics, the lesser players, like Strzok, Ohr, Yates, etc., may see some time, but will be pardoned as soon as another Democrat – ANY Democrat – becomes president. They ALL deserve prison, but it will never happen, because Trump has yet to truly drain the swamp. Remember, you heard it here first.

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