Facebook Censorship Part Two: Zuckerberg, A “Dangerous” Person

by Ben Garrison

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is blatantly censoring conservative people such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer.

Facebook will not even allow on ‘his’ site praise for these people by others.

Zuckerberg wants them digitally erased from history. He labeled them ‘dangerous individuals.’ The lefty media teamed up and parroted the defamation, calling them ‘controversial figures of hate.’ It’s all ridiculous, but at least Facebook’s lies have been exposed.

We know how the Deep State, including the CIA and Silicon Valley, consider those of us who want to preserve our Republic to be ‘figures of hate.’ Read the whole post at GrrrGraphics


  • Posted May 7, 2019

    Joe Z

    The only dangerous individual listed above is the robot-like Zuckertu*d. The little bastard needs long and hard jail time.

  • Posted May 7, 2019


    Alex Jones is a CIA asset. Jones’ contrived removal from social media is intended to make people feel good that censoring Jones finally got him to STFU. This is the slippery slope of expanded censorship by design. Jones has always been a pro-Israali zionist ahead of US constitution. Thousands of people with mere “opinions” are quietly censored and blocked by FB, Twitter and Youtube every day. Most people have no idea that the numbers of silenced voices with first amendment opinions are far greater than just a few thousand. The numbers are well into the hundreds of thousands and possibly over a million at this time. Where will it stop? …and the numbers of censored is growing daily. I had 2 websites taken down by WORDPRESS due to a complaint about a photo of Noah Pozner. More conservative websites have been taken down that you probably never heard about. Some were brought back up with great expense and technical help while others decided to give up. Donald Trump is not helping. He seems to tolerate the take-downs quite well even as his base is giving up on his promises. How will he get reelected? Maybe he wants out. Who knows.

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