Georgia Southern University Calls Police on Students Exercising Free Speech

Zach Gibson/Getty

Students at Georgia Southern University were confronted by school staff and campus police last week while recruiting members for the Turning Point USA student group on campus. Staff told the conservative students that they needed to “fill out paperwork” in order to exercise free speech at the public university, and then proceeded to call the police when the students did not leave the public grounds.

An administrator at Georgia Southern University (GSU) told students that they needed to “fill out paperwork” in order to exercise free speech within the confines of the school’s designated “free speech zone,” a specific area on campus that school claims is approved for exercising free speech, as long as the space is reserved in advance.

The students, who were recruiting members for their Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter, decided not to leave an outdoor area on campus after GSU staff had requested for them to do so, resulting in the police being called as a last-ditch effort to force the students to comply with the school’s perplexing demand.

The apparent intimidation tactic, however, was futile, as the TPUSA students filmed their interaction with the officers, who admitted on video that they could not legally arrest the students for exercising free speech at the publicly-funded university, as seen in a report by Campus Reform.

“I don’t know of any laws you’re breaking,” said one officer, who said he was called by the university to ask the students to leave school property. Read more HERE.



  • Posted March 22, 2019

    Joe Z

    Nationwide, our tax dollars are being squandered by socialist administrators who have no respect for individual rights or our Bill of Rights. These socialist goofballs should be fired with NO fat taxpayer-paid-for retirement checks. They are shafting America with our money. We need to shut down the Department of Education and eliminate government-employee unions.

  • Posted March 22, 2019

    Terry Coons

    I believe that when Constitution says that we have a right to free speech, it didn’t add, but only in specific places.

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