People Who Don’t Want A Border Wall

This Meme Needs To Go VIRAL

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by Wes Walker:

If you want to see Democrats torn between winning their Shutdown Showdown and saving their skin for 2020, show them this meme.

We can’t take credit for this meme, it was posted on Instagram by the user ‘dc_draino’.

But we sure can agree with and promote the hell out of it. (And you can too!)

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Do drug cartels want open borders? Yes.

Do sex traffickers want open borders? Yes.

Do smugglers want open borders? Yes.

Does MS-13 want open borders? Yes.

Do rapists that prey upon the vulnerable border-crossers want open borders? Yes.

Do Democrats want open borders? Yes.

They even said so in a memo of their own.

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  • Posted January 18, 2019


    I never hear anyone ask what good sensors and lasers would do to really deter anybody from crossing illegally. I guess the sensor is going to activate a speaker that says something like “Hey now, what you’re doing is illegal. Go back over to your side of the border. Please. ” Or will the laser slice them in half at the waist? That will be a great deterrent. Of coarse it could just as well cut the border agent in two as well. More likely it will get a really accurate height and width of the person or persons. So will we just get a lot more accurate count and physical data collection of how many illegally crossed?

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