An Epidemic of Erasures, Redactions, Omissions, and Perjuries

by Victor Davis Hanson:

Imagine the following: The IRS sends you, John Q. Citizen, a letter alleging you have not complied with U.S. tax law. In the next paragraph, the tax agency then informs you that it needs a series of personal and business documents. Indeed, it will be sending agents out to discuss your dilemma and collect the necessary records.

But when the IRS agents arrive, you explain to them that you cannot find about 50 percent of the documents requested, and have no idea whether they even exist. You sigh that both hard copies of pertinent information have unfortunately disappeared and hard drives were mysteriously lost.

You nonchalantly add that you smashed your phone, tablet, and computer with a hammer. You volunteer that, of those documents you do have, you had to cut out, blacken or render unreadable about 30 percent of the contents. After all, you have judged that the redacted material either pertains to superfluous and personal matters such as weddings and yoga, or is of such a sensitive nature that its release would endanger your company or business or perhaps even the country at large.

You also keep silent that you have a number of pertinent documents locked up in a safe hidden in your attic unknown to the IRS. Let them find it, you muse. And when the agents question your unilateral decisions over hours of interrogatories, you remark to them on 245 occasions that you have no memory of your acts—or you simply do not have an answer for them.

In some instances, you state things that are not true, cannot be true by any stretch of the imagination, and contradict things you have said in the past—and you make it clear that you don’t think much of such inconsistencies. When pressed with contradictory evidence, you nonchalantly reply that you gave the “least untruthful” answer.

What would happen to you, a typical American citizen, should you follow this current Washington model of erasing, redacting, omitting, forgetting, and lying? Read the rest of this article at


  • Posted January 7, 2019


    It’s kind of like “Men in Black” where Hillary’s memories have been erased. And why oh why should anyone vote for all these Democrats who have conveniently lost 90% of their memories. It’s like their party have dementia….oh, wait, THAT’S what it is!

  • Posted January 7, 2019

    The Flash

    The FACTS are clear and so is the law. All of us conservatives keep bitching and moaning about this situation with Hillary, but NOTHING ever gets done about it. We elect a loose cannon like Trump, and some great conservatives like our own Ted Yoho, and still NOTHING gets done. It’s beyond merely frustrating to see the rule of law NOT apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Barack Obama and the rest of the liars, cheats and thieves in DC. What’s needed, an armed assault on Washington to get these people to respect the law and do their damn jobs? Just curious.

  • Posted January 7, 2019

    Joe Z

    Flash, I’m afraid that your solution may be upon us sooner than many people think. I only own handguns, but they are cleaned and loaded. This is why the Democrat socialists want to take our guns away. The Second Amendment is the bedrock of all our other American

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