Nolte: Mitt Romney Is an Idiot

by John Nolte:

As the freshman senator from Utah, Mitt Romney is a long way from the presidency. That has to be especially tough on a two-time presidential loser with You-Know-Who sitting in the Oval Office, a guy who took the brass ring by doing the exact opposite of what you did.

My opinion of Mitt Romney has changed over the years. When he lost the Republican nomination to John McCain in 2008, I thought he was a classy guy with a future. When he lost the general election to Barack Obama in 2012, I thought he was a good man with a glass jaw. When he repeatedly got on his high horse to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, I thought he was an opportunistic sleaze bag gorging on sour grapes and his own monstrously selfish sense of virtue.

But now, after reading his Washington Post jihad against Trump, I finally figured what Mitt Romney really is … an idiot. Read the rest of this article HERE.



  • Posted January 5, 2019

    Alice Beutien

    Idiot… couldn’t agree more. A narcissistic arrogant elitist idiot. Not the statesman I once thought he was.

  • Posted January 5, 2019

    The Flash

    Clearly a member of the Swamp whose primary function is the maintain the political status quo at the expense of the Country.

  • Posted January 5, 2019

    Joe Z

    Mittens loses badly to Ocommie, then bashes Trump. What a PUNK!

  • Posted January 6, 2019

    Marka Fogarty

    Romney is in the same category as Glenn Beck. Both are untrustworthy, especially given their holier-than-thou religious appeals. Beck in particular played the LOVE card. Remember his posters on his show and his LOVE fest in DC? I went to it and Beck couldn’t say enough about turning to love, not hate. Well, Beck loved until he didn’t agree- His turning on the cowboy rebellion and supporting Harry Reid was the first great hypocrisy, followed by his hate=filled rants against Trump in support of Cruz….Romney, too, was all about faith and dignity until he wasn’t…

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