Jenny Beth Martin: Dear Mr. President, Use the Bully Pulpit to Rally Your Base

by Jenny Beth Martin


Dear Mr. President,

You were elected President in 2016 largely on the basis of your promise to “drain the swamp.” Those who voted for you did so in the belief that you would be the first president in their lifetimes to actually follow through on his promise to end business as usual in Washington.

Jenny Beth Martin

Since taking power almost two years ago, you have done your best to live up to that promise. You have succeeded in changing the way Washington works in many ways, and you have given hope to the tens of millions who supported your 2016 campaign that better days are, in fact, ahead.

But on one crucial campaign promise, you have not yet succeeded in bending Washington to your will.

I refer, of course, to your demand for funding to construct a secure physical barrier along the southwest border.

You are, of course, absolutely correct in insisting that construction of a wall be funded. Read the rest of this article at


  • Posted December 19, 2018

    dr feelsgood

    Stay the course Mr President. Every day I see a statesman, leader, a great American and a president with a backbone . I am with you all the way to the Liberty Tree.

  • Posted December 20, 2018

    Michael Santarsiero

    President Trump is absolutely alone out there. The Republicans (95%) and Democrats (99%) are two sides of the same coin; both embrace a Marxist ideology but use each other as smoke screens to advance the same agenda. We’re being played by our political leaders. Trump believed some of our representatives would support him but he was wrong as none will leave their ivory tower nor chance loosing their golden goose to support him or save this Republic. If we don’t get off our butts very soon this country is toast.

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