Fox News Judge Napolitano Continues to Trash Trump with Inaccurate ‘Analysis’

by John Nolte

Appearing with Shepard Smith on Wednesday, Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano continued his winning streak of being the worst and most dishonest legal analyst on television not named Jeffrey Toobin.

Spewing all kinds of mindless gloom and doom (you can watch the full segment here), while ignoring the all-important mitigating context that proves just how stupid his gloom and doom is, Napolitano painted a dire picture of President Trump as a felon.

After Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison, Smith teed up Napolitano with this: “Prosecutors have told us through these filings that they have evidence that the President committed a felony.”

Naturally, Napolitano heartily agreed:

The felony is paying Michael Cohen to commit a felony. It’s pretty basic. Somebody hires you — A hires B to shoot someone. A is as liable as if he had pulled the trigger. You pay someone to commit a crime, they commit the crime, you are liable, criminally liable for their commission of that crime, as well as they being liable. That’s what the prosecutors told the federal judge.

Keep in mind that this is coming from the same Judge FakeNews who called proven liar Christine Blasey Ford “exceptionally credible” after hearing only a few minutes of her testimony.

But here is the important information the Judge FakeNews is deliberately hiding from Fox viewers… Read the rest of this article at

“If you are holding off canceling your cable to hold onto Fox News, it is time to rethink that.  If Fox News is going to mislead and spread anti-Trump propaganda that is no different from the fake news coming from CNN … It’s time to cut the cord, y’all, it is time to starve fake news.”


  • Posted December 14, 2018

    The Flash

    I find it interesting and hypocritical that we all proclaim Judge Napolotano’s legal acumen when she agrees with the conservative viewpoint, then some want to trash her when she disagrees. That’s what liberals do, my friends, and we should be above that. There’s a GREAT DEAL to trash Trump about, and the more we deny it, the more ammo the libs have for the next election. Don’t misunderstand me, I voted for the man, as I would have voted for his proctologist over Hillary Clinton, but I’m not tunnel-visioned enough not to see absolute fact that he steps on his johnson on an almost daily basis. Our refusal to acknowledge this only encourages the bad behavior. Judge Napolotano has her opinion, one we all usually support, so why not pay attention to it? Just sayin’…….

    • Posted December 14, 2018

      Michael Santarsiero

      I’m curious, what is there to trash Trump about?

      • Posted December 14, 2018

        The Flash

        You gotta be kidding! I don’t trust the MSM, but not everything they report on is false, and they report every time he grunts when takes a dump! Mainly, it’s his ego’s direct attachment to his big mouth. He says, and tweets, things from his head without vetting the actual facts involved, which makes him look stupid and reactionary. Much like Obama, he tells lies with the expectation that the people won’t call him on them. Unfortunately, the media liked Obama, so they never called him on his lies, but they don’t like Trump, so they jump all over him. He needs stop allowing his ego to lead his brain, and actually understand that this will happen EVERY time he opens his mouth. He should do a little research on what he wants to say before he says it. It would help stop him from looking, not only foolish, but dishonest and un-presidential. He has a great many good ideas for our country, but the people aren’t hearing about them because he gives the media too many opportunities to make him look bad.

  • Posted December 14, 2018


    I would say I have yet to know of lies Trump tells…he may be passionate about things, but not a liar…if anything, he is too honest which is what gets him into trouble. He is so transparent, even though it comes across as rude sometimes, that the media don’t know what to do with him. THEY are the ones who lie. They are the ones who make up stories to smear him and retract them later in small print on a back page. They are the ones who say repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it.

    • Posted December 15, 2018

      The Flash

      Not that I give a damn about Trump’s various peccadilloes, but how about “I knew nothing about Cohen’s payoffs to those women”? I’d say that probably a lie.

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