…and He’s Been to 57 States


  • Posted December 6, 2018

    Joe Z

    Ocommie is truly the biggest doofus to ever occupy the Oval Office. He made George “Worthless” Bush look good. However, Ocommie
    was competent when implementing his “Destroy America First” agenda. Yes, THAT he did well.

  • Posted December 6, 2018

    susan baird

    I will give him credit for being smart enough to figure out how to destroy our country… Now he is taking credit so he can continue to sway the uninformed idiots so they will keep following his destructive direction. Everything he does is calculated – just didn’t think he would have to deal with the rest of us led by President Trump, Super Man 🙂

  • Posted December 6, 2018

    The Flash

    Obama says a lot of stupid stuff, and many outright lies, but if you don’t think nearly 50% of America believes most of what he says, and at least 25% believe EVERYTHING he says, you’re deluding yourself. He, and his followers, present a REAL, clear and present danger to our country. Our failures in the midterms elections are testimony to our lack of total commitment to our beliefs. It may have “only” been a partial failure, but if we have that kind of partial failure again in 2020, our country is DONE for at least the following 20-30 years, because it will take at least that long to undue all the damages that liberals will do.

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