President Trump Shares Image of Political Opponents Behind Bars

On Wednesday morning, President Trump shared an image on his Twitter account containing several of his political opponents behind bars and questioning why they are not under investigation for “treason.”

The image, which was retweeted from a pro-Trump Twitter account, depicts many of those he has criticized in the past. Among those included were former President Barack Obama, 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, special counsel Robert Mueller, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former President Bill Clinton, and former FBI Director James Comey. Read the rest of this article at


  • Posted November 29, 2018

    Joe Z

    Trump’s email is correct. Now, when will he hire an AG who will actually put these bums in the slammer? Or is this just some more big Trump talk. You know, like he’s still GOING to build that wall.

  • Posted November 29, 2018


    Huma Abedeen looks like the Wicked Witch of the West. I bet she could fill that role real well. Perhaps Mr. Trump is waiting until he locks in a new FBI and Justice department directors. I think the FBI guy has to go like Sessions went.

  • Posted November 29, 2018


    Maybe he’s still sorting through people who don’t mind their lives and families being put on the chopping block. It must be a hard decision. I was thinking about it last night. But we’re praying someone will have the guts to go ahead and do what needs to be done. Jeff Sessions was put in a muzzle almost immediately by the left and he didn’t think fast enough before he let them do it. Got to be someone very smart to their intimidation, lies, tricks and violence.

  • Posted November 30, 2018

    The Flash

    Mark my words carefully – you will NEVER see the criminals on the left EVER do a day in prison. Trump won’t do it, and if he won’t, no one will. IF, and that’s a big IF, anyone sees any prison time for the wrongdoings of Obama/Hillary et al, it will be some lower level dupe like Abedin or possibly Comey. I think even Comey would roll over on Hillary and Obama if he was facing ten years or more, so if he got convicted, expect a questionable death in his future, ala “the friends of Bill Clinton’ (Google it)

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