4 responses to “No Logging – Dangerous Fire Traps”

  1. Joe Z says:

    This is an excellent ‘toon. Environmentalist nuts get laws passed to prevent people and companies from clearing and burning brush. Then, when hundreds of people get cooked in raging infernos that lefties created, the lefty media sweep it under the rug or blame it on global warming.

  2. Yea but think of all the spotted owls, kangaroo mice and tree frogs that were saved by not taking down the 29 million dead trees, clearing useless undergrowth and not making fire breaks. Oh wait, they died in the fire.

  3. Alan Berkelhammer says:

    Great comments, guys!

    • Cheryl says:

      My forester friend does controlled burns all the time. He’s been out to California twice to volunteer in fires. He knows firsthand what happens when there is no controlled burn allowed. And Michael is right, of course, the “endangered species” are even more endangered now. Horrific fire. Thanks for doing all these cartoons and commentaries. It’s nice to “talk” to sane people.

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