Blue State Blues: Two Electorates, One Nation

Rusty Clark / Flickr / CC

by Joel B. Pollak

This Friday evening and Saturday morning, Jews across the United States will participate in synagogue services in greater numbers than usual, in a show of solidarity after last week’s mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

The American Jewish Committee has also urged foreign diplomats, and members of other faiths, to attend Sabbath services this weekend — to “show up for Shabbat.” The response, thus far, has been overwhelming.

Three days later, Americans will head to the polls in what has been one of the most divisive midterm elections in history. It feels, in fact, more like two separate elections, with Republicans poised to gain seats in the Senate, and Democrats expected to pick up seats in the House (whether or not they win a majority).

The good news is that both sides will be able to enjoy some victories. The challenge will be moving forward as a nation when it is over.

Even the weekend before Election Day feels like two different weekends.

Blue America is still thinking about last weekend. To Blue America, the synagogue attack was exactly what had been expected under a president who targets illegal aliens, promised a “Muslim ban,” calls (some of) the media the “enemy of the people,” and refuses to accept personal responsibility for the rise of the far-right.

On Tuesday, Blue America will vote to rebuke him.

Meanwhile, Red America is thinking about this weekend. To Red America, the deployment of the military to the border suggests that we are finally taking illegal immigration seriously. Moreover, the data released Friday that show the economy created 250,000 jobs last month are a sign America is finally back. And on Sunday, the only people still kneeling at football games will be the cheerleaders.

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