Ron DeSantis is coming to Black Tie and Blue Jeans THIS Thursday!!!

Tickets still available at

Tickets still available at

We are still in need of volunteers for the Event. If you are able to assist, please contact Tammy Prince at 352-215-3352.

5 responses to “Ron DeSantis is coming to Black Tie and Blue Jeans THIS Thursday!!!”

  1. The Flash says:

    Sorry, but I consider DeSantis as the lesser of two evils. Gillum would be an complete disaster, so much like voting for Trump as the only alternative to the massively corrupt Hillary Clinton, we’re more or less forced to vote for DeSantis in self-defense. I could be wrong – though I seldom am in politics – but DeSantis hits me like a Rubio-Jeb kind of swamp denizen, the kind that will get very little of substance done, all while eyeing his next run for higher office. Trust me, you WILL see “DeSantis for US Senate” in your future.

  2. Lloyd Bailey says:

    Ron DeSantis violates the constitution 30% of the time. Republicans need to ask him why he continues to vote for foreign aid and violations of the 4th Amendment. DeSantis supports spying on American citizens. DeSantis actually helped Obama, by illegally transferring congressional enumerated power over trade to Obama. DeSantis also gave to Obama illegally the authority to give military foreign aid to the Ukrainian Communist leadership. DeSantis also supports NATO which is illegal. Congress does not possess the authority to transfer its enumerated war power to the the United Nations or any other non US international tribunal. Shame on him, for voting to send our military in harms way at the order of a foreign tribunal.

  3. Lloyd Bailey says:

    Today voting for a Republican verses a Democrat is akin to being asked would you rather have Cancer or Heart disease. The solution is for Republican county parties to be more involved in primaries and to not support unfaithful candidates. If you know that your representative is dishonest and you continue to support him, then you get the government that you deserve. Your children and grandchildren do not deserve it and it is a Biblical duty to leave an inheritance for your children. That inheritance should be in the form of freedom; not a 21 Trillion debt.

  4. The Flash says:

    So, Lloyd, you agree with me? I wasn’t sure many would.

    • Lloyd Bailey says:

      Flash, I am with you for sure. It is time that our leaders start obeying the law, but politicians will certainly misbehave if they think they can get away with it. James Garfield said, “The people are responsible for the character of the congress. If that body is immoral and corrupt, it is because the people are willing to tolerate immorality and corruption.” I just returned from the 60 year anniversary of the John Birch Society. If Robert Welch had not created the organization, it is unlikely that we would still be a free and sovereign nation. Thomas Massie was the key note speaker. He has a perfect voting record measured by the constitution. His district is apparently informed. God save our Republic.

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