Democrats Consider Becoming ‘More Ruthless’ After Losing Brett Kavanaugh Battle

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

by John Nolte:

After losing the war to defeat Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are thinking about becoming even “more ruthless,” reports the far-left Politico.

After launching at least a half-dozen debunked and outright phony allegations of criminal sexual deviancy against Kavanaugh, after accusing him of running a gang rape ring where women were drugged as a means to incapacitate them, after legitimizing the harassment of President Trump and Kavanaugh supporters up to and including chasing them out of public spaces, Democrats are thinking about becoming “more ruthless”?

Other than violence, what is left?

In all seriousness, how can Democrats become “more ruthless” than they have already been without resorting to violence?

The Politico piece is utterly deranged in its fact-free premise, including anti-science nonsense such as, “Democrats keep playing by a set of rules.”

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“…Breitbart News has documented over 580 individual acts of violence, vandalism, harassment, and threats aimed at Trump supporters…”


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  • Posted October 10, 2018


    No wonder they hate Breitbart so much. In that video there is one guy on an emotional high who screams and points “BREITBART”!!! as his eyes roll back in his head. Then looks around as he screams it again with so much hate and pointing as if it was a call to murder the guy holding the camera. That was scary. Like “C’mon, let’s get him!!!” It was an angry mob minus the pitchforks from yesteryear. Weeping and wailing for all the wrong reasons.

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