• Posted October 7, 2018

    Ted Kmet

    The appointment of Justice Kavanaugh is a great victory for the country and the resulting decisions of the Supreme Court will reverberate for decades to come!!
    It was a great defeat over the craven Democrats despicable attempts to derail his appointment.
    I feel that the Senate is now secure; however, if the Democrats win the House by only ONE member, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will control the House and be given the power to force their socialist agenda on the nation using their destructive tactics. They have nothing to offer but total resistance to ANYTHING the Republicans might offer and they will use ANY tactic to achieve their aims..
    The upcoming election is our chance to thwart their agenda. Don’t allow their tactics to be rewarded!! I urge each of you to urge as many as possible to vote Republican so that we can maintain our current success.

    • Posted October 7, 2018

      Alan Berkelhammer

      Keep putting this out there Ted. Tell everyone you can. And you can rest assured that I will be doing this as well – on these pages and elsewhere!

  • Posted October 7, 2018

    Joe Z

    Vote Republican, Vote Republican and…oh yeah…Vote Republican!

  • Posted October 7, 2018


    I have a friend who states he is independent, but leans pretty liberal. We had about a 45 minute discussion this afternoon that started out with the Judicial Watch Verdict paper that I pass on to him. His biggest dispute with it is that it asks older people to donate via annuities and some other forms of designation in the advertisements. I call that not getting the real message. He’s looking for anything to dispute the data. We ranged through Kavanaugh, Thomas, Ronald Regan, the Bushes, talked about how the Democrats have been soft on crime and homeland terrorism for at least a century and a half via the KKK. Talked about democrats moving to Republican and becoming RINO’s. I cannot think of any DINO’s It’s exasperating.

  • Posted October 7, 2018


    Got my sister to vote…that’s one more…have a friend from Venezuela who is a legal citizen and knows the horror of socialism. She can’t believe we have an openly socialist candidate for governor and if he gets in, it will most likely only be because of the “guilt”..again. Many in our neighborhood (Gainesville) have those signs up. Emotionally charged Democrats can’t see anything or think independently.

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