President Trump Strongly Endorses Ted Yoho for Congress

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, President Donald J. Trump gave Congressman Ted Yoho his complete and total endorsement and commended him for the fantastic job he has done in Congress to date. Yoho is running for reelection in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District and will face Judson Sapp in the August 28th  Republican primary. Ironically, Sapp, has a new ad slamming incumbent Yoho for his lack of support for President Donald Trump’s agenda. But it would seem that the president would disagree.

3 responses to “President Trump Strongly Endorses Ted Yoho for Congress”

  1. Joe Z says:

    At I see Ted’s Liberty Score is 80% (0-100%, 100% is best). Ted is second in FL behind Bill Posey at 81%. I would like to see Ted in the 90% range, but the guy I get to vote for, Neal Dunn, is at 53%. Two years ago, when he first ran for the U.S. House, Dunn told us how he was a real, genuine conservative. You betcha.

  2. Tom says:

    Is this guy Sapp another jackass in an elephant suit like the last election? What do our people here know about the people running for Commissioner of Agricuture and Attourney General? All I hear on the radio is how these people will stand up for our gun rights. Lip service. What do they know about agriculture and the foibles of this state? The ads for Attorney General are just crazy pole swings. How do you tell what’s what?

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