Mike Huckabee Devastates CNN’s Jim Acosta

4 responses to “Mike Huckabee Devastates CNN’s Jim Acosta”

  1. Cheryl says:

    He had to leave the room because it was too crowded for his EGO and he was starting to get a migraine, poor guy.

  2. BanzaiBill says:

    Reports like this and others does nothing but elevate a run-of-the-mill cub reporter to public recognition. His “display” of completely disrespectful, and repeated conduct with Sarah Sanders should be with “death”……..in the figurative sense. Enough is enough for this egomaniacal jerk and his network, the White House should have IMMEDIATELY revoked his press credentials and sent him to reporter oblivion in Minot.

  3. Joe Z says:

    Jim Acosta = girly man.

  4. Tom says:

    I didn’t see anything from Mike Huckabee.

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