2 responses to “Judge Jeanine: Strzok is Personification of the Deep State”

  1. ,The Flash says:

    Ever wonder why Strzok is so smug? How about Comey? WHY have neither (along with Hillary and others) been indicted for perjury, when CLEARLY they have committed it? How about, because they’re members of the SES? What IS the SES, you say? Glad you asked. Take a read:


    My biggest questions are, could this be the “deep state shadow government?” Why have I, an extremely well-informed person, never heard of this organization? Is the media even more deeply in collusion with them by keeping these people out of the public eye? These vampires, who suck the blood of freedom out of our country, need to be exposed to the sunlight and made to vanish! (Maybe Alex Jones isn’t as big an idiot as I thought!)

  2. Joe Z says:

    Once again, Judge Jeanine nails it. Sure wish she was our AG.

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