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  1. Joe Z says:


  2. Kafir Carol says:

    It will NOT be one country, one language, one flag if we allow more and more mass immigration; legal or illegal! Look at California, sanctuary state, full of illegals, talking of seceding from the US. Illinois and New York are flirting with the idea also. Push Ted Yoho to cosponsor HR 193, to get US out of the UN! The UN is behind this major push of the Third World migration flood to the First
    World. Note the term “migrants”; that means these people DO NOT apply to enter, they just do so w/o permission!

    • Colorado Cowgirl says:

      We all know about living in the “Berkley of the South” here in Ganiesville! Soon to be the “New American City”.
      The Historic Americans are made to feel like we are intruding on some gigantic UN experiment where everyone will attaining the same standard of living. That means we all then become the subjects of those that “know what’s better for us little people”!
      Wake up to the facts people! This is happening to us now!! The struggle to remain America will not be easy or clean and it appears that only a handful are willing to take up the fight. Will you be considered one of the 3% or of the good who stood by to let our America die?

  3. BanzaiBill says:

    Country? Language? Flag?…….really? This country bears NO resemblance to the one that I grew up in. We’ve lost our class and it started in the mid-Sixties. I suspect those that were around then and have watched what has occurred, with the exception of the hippies, will back me up on this. We have been dying the death of a thousand cuts ever since. Reagan nearly saved us, restoring the pride of being American and the country once again became the stabilizing force in the world, but the powers on the left continued to work…….and have never stopped. They met very little resistance, destroying our history, demeaning our heroes and, worst of all, dividing our country like it has never been before. Barack Obama nearly completed the coup de grâce, and would have, if the Democrats had had the good sense to run a viable candidate to take over for him. Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason in my mind.
    Fortunately, even with his “past” and non-politician ways aside, Trump may have saved us from Obama’s “vision” or at the least delayed it. If we don’t build on what the president has started and elect conservatives in Congress and the White House in the future America, as it was and could be again, is doomed…….and it will be considerably worse than the socialist countries that the left throws up (pun intended) as model societies. Everyone above the low, socioeconomic class, no matter race or creed, will pay a tremendous price, financially and culturally. Pride will die. We will reach a point, one way or another, where tyranny in the form of Marshall Law will reign. It is inevitable at the rate we’re going. Who do you want to declare it?

    The November elections will be the most important of this century…….for the future.

  4. Tom says:

    BanzaiBill has it right. The country really started sliding downhill with the hippy culture who became yuppie lawyers and then went into government. They did what Saul Alinsky told them to do. The became the establishment and then wrecked it. They have wrecked everything they have touched. Hallelujah some of them are retiring, but there is a new crop of nuts coming up who have been thoroughly corrupted by the hippy communist teachers. Get more conservative voters out and perhaps we can get in front of this. Subscribe to INPRIMIS, free from Hillsdale College and Judicial Watch and pass those out to friends and other uneducated folks. I just read an issue of INPRIMIS that told what is the future China is building. They plan to economically take over the would. Then watch out.

    • ,The Flash says:

      Don’t paint us all with same brush, Tom. I WAS one of those hippies in the early 70’s and was involved in more than one large protest at UF. It’s because of us hippies that women’s and minority rights moved forward. It’s because of us hippies that the brutality of some law enforcement people was brought to light and subsequently changed. It’s because of us hippies that women gained control over their own reproductive rights (a position that many conservatives still disagree with). It’s because of us hippies that open racism became socially unacceptable. We caused MANY positive changes to our country and society. However, we also caused many negative changes because some of us didn’t evolve from Utopian thinking to reality. Some of us, like myself, strive for the Utopian ideal, but realize that not everyone else is on board, which is why socialism doesn’t work. The older I got, the more realistic my thinking became, especially when I started writing mid-five-figure checks to the IRS each hear to support an ever-increasing welfare population and ever-more illegal wars! All that said, BanzaiBill is still right because many of my former hippy colleagues have yet to relax their sphincters and remove their heads.

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