Full Video ● Exposing the #DeepState ● May 1st Trump Support Club ● Countryside Baptist Church, Gainesville, FL


This month the Trump Support Squad of Alachua County teamed up with Tim Marden and the John Birch Society to host Alex Newman who gave a powerful presentation on the DEEP STATE!!

A LOT of incredible information was packed into two hours, so if you missed some key points OR were not able to attend, just click on the link below to watch the full presentation!!!

Alex Newman uncovers the truth about the inter workings of the government. As I said in my earlier emails, this information WILL frighten AND enlighten you!! It’s time for the the light of truth to shine upon the Deep State and their plans for our sovereign nation!!

Grab a pen and paper for notes and buckle up!!! You don’t want to miss this!!!



Sherrie McKnight
Executive Director of Trump Support Squad

Big Daddy Guns
602 NW 75th Street, Suite D
Gainesville, FL 32607


3 responses to “Full Video ● Exposing the #DeepState ● May 1st Trump Support Club ● Countryside Baptist Church, Gainesville, FL”

  1. Joe Z says:

    During his May 1st presentation Alex Newman mentioned a book he coauthored with Sam Blumenfeld titled CRIMES of the EDUCATORS (C. 2014). I picked the book up at the Alachua County Library. What’s being done in the name of education in America today IS a crime. If you’re interested in reading how our tax dollars are being used to destroy kids’ lives and the future of this country, read this book.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s got to be my 20 years of military griping. I wish I could see his presentation. It’s just who I’ve become. I speak out. Sorry.

  3. Tom says:

    I can listen to this and do other stuff.

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