Wells Fargo Stems the Tide: Not a Bank’s Job to Set U.S. Gun Policy

Daniel Tepper/Bloomberg via Getty Images

by AWR Hawkins

Wells Fargo stemmed the tide of the push for new financial restrictions on gun makers and sellers by stressing that it is not a bank’s job to set U.S. gun policy. 

Wells Fargo believes firearm policy is a debate for Congress instead.

According to Reuters, Wells Fargo CEO John Shrewsberry said, “The best way to make progress on these issues is through the political and legislative process. In the meantime, Wells Fargo is engaging our customers that legally manufacture firearms and other stakeholders on what we can do together to promote better gun safety in our communities.”

Wells Fargo’s refusal to place new regulations or stipulations on legal firearm manufacturers represents a break with Citigroup and Bank of America. On March 23, 2018, Breitbart News reported that Citibank now requires customers who own gun stores to stop selling long guns to anyone under the age of 21 and to quit selling “high-capacity” magazines as well.

They also ask gun stores to refuse to sell any gun until an extended background check comes back conclusive, even though federal law recognizes that a federal firearms license holder can legally sell a gun if a check lasts three days and no incriminating evidence against the would-be buyer is found. Continue reading at breitbart.com.


One response to “Wells Fargo Stems the Tide: Not a Bank’s Job to Set U.S. Gun Policy”

  1. Joe Z says:

    Then Citigroup and Bank of America should no longer provide auto loans because cars can kill people too. While we’re at it, let’s ban knives, baseball bats, bricks and oh yeah, those evil rocks…etcetera…etcetera…etcetera. Could it be that it’s not the inanimate object that kills people but it’s actually CRAZY PEOPLE that do the killing?

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