9 responses to “The Deep State: What is REALLY Going On?”

  1. Joe Z says:

    Alan, Thanks for the info. I plan on being there.

  2. Lloyd Bailey says:

    If you have an interest in learning about the Council On Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Grove then you will not miss this event. Americans need to be informed on these organization as virtually every president that we have known has been involved with one or more of these organizations. Trump is the only exception which explains why there have been so many attacks from the Deep State. All of the mainstream media is connected. Fox owner, Rupert Murdoch is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Skull and Bones and The Bohemian Grove are Satanic organizations. These organizations control both parties at the top which makes sense when you look at the actions of the political parties. McCain and Newt Gingrich are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. After attending you will have a new understanding of what we are up against in the preservation of our Republic. Finally, a solution will be offered that will work. The Deep State cannot survive exposure. Support material will be available at the end of the speech.
    God save our Republic.

    • ,The Flash says:

      If God were going to save our Republic, he (or she) would have done so. It’s up to us, and I fear that the generations after us are not up to the task as they’ve been too brainwashed by the Deep State.

      • Lloyd Bailey says:

        We are doing something, and praying God will bless our efforts. You are correct though, in that most of the churches have misinterpreted Romans 13 and have dropped out of the fight for liberty due to religious neutralism. They are not the same churches that existed during our war for independence from England.

  3. Tom says:

    Keep mentioning this, don’t just make a one or two time announcement.

  4. BanzaiBill says:

    It could explain a lot of the things going on in this country today…….why aren’t the Rothchilds mentioned?

    • Lloyd Bailey says:

      The Rothchilds are exposed in a headline in one of the articles of the Deep State issue of the New American magazine, and will be mentioned in the speech along with the Illuminati. This is the most complete presentation I have ever seen. You will not be disappointed and the speech will show the interconnection of these groups and the many players that we are very familiar with.

      • ,The Flash says:

        I’m just hoping that it’s not a lot of tin-foil-hat, Alex Jones-like conspiracy nonsense. If he mentions chemtrails, I’m out the door!

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