2 responses to “Shame on Facebook”

  1. Joe Z says:

    Facebook, Google and Amazon are three monopolies run by power-crazy weasels. Each of these companies needs to be broken up into four or five smaller companies that actually compete against each other. Of course, that would mean our bought-off politicians would actually have to be concerned about the American people and not kowtow to the donor class.

  2. BanzaiBill says:

    “Power-crazy weasels?” While I’m not enamored nor involved with two of the companies you mention (I occasionally use Amazon) I think you lose sight of the fact that none of the three force ANYONE to use their offered “services.” Quite the contrary both Google and Facebook have millions of people throwing boatloads of information at them and, with Facebook, at the world. Whole lives are repeatedly revealed VOLUNTARILY for billions of people to see if they wish to. Google (search and email) and FB aside, to think that you can put some very personal information out there for the world to see and not realize that in one way or another someone is going to use it for their benefit is NAIVE.
    As an aside, for no one in Congress to hammer Zuckerberg about how Facebook handed over similar boatloads of information to the Obama regime during their time in office (and no one seemed to care) is just another in a long line of examples proving the ineptitude of the Swamp monsters.

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