Media Seek to Destroy Laura Ingraham Only Because She’s a Conservative Woman

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by  John Nolte

The pretext being used to destroy a conservative woman, Fox News star Laura Ingraham, is that she accused a 17-year-old of “whining.” Even after apologizing to anti-gun activist David Hogg, the corporate media and the organized left, with a lot of help from gutless corporations, are still determined to dismantle Ingraham’s entire professional life — to shut a conservative woman up by removing her platform, all because she accused a teenager of “whining.”

Keep in mind that Hogg is not just any 17-year-old. He is a foul-mouthed hurler of extremist, partisan venom and a shield for a media eager to disarm and silence their enemies on the right. And in order to enjoy that shield, the media have handed Hogg unlimited power.

To begin with, the media, most especially CNN, knowingly allow Hogg to spread conspiracy theories, to accuse the NRA of being “child murderers,” to describe anyone who disagrees with him as “pathetic fuckers that want to keep killing our children,” to accuse Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)  of taking money in exchange for the lives of students, and to claim NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch “doesn’t care about these children’s lives.

In other words, Hogg is not some wide-eyed innocent. He is old enough to own a firearm, to join the military, to drive, to get married, and to step into the political arena to hurl spittle-flecked nuclear bombs at his political enemies on the right…

…but Laura Ingraham accused him of “whining.” Read the rest of the article at


And now we learn that FoxNews has given Laura Ingraham a one week vacation – starting NOW. And of course, according to FoxNews, it was already scheduled and has nothing to do with her “despicable” tweet. Hey, if anyone is interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn, I know where there’s one for sale… cheap.

Oh by the way, here’s tweet that started all of this:

3 responses to “Media Seek to Destroy Laura Ingraham Only Because She’s a Conservative Woman”

  1. Their plan is exposed now. Any comment from the right is now bullying.

  2. Joe Z says:

    That little creep Hogg is old enough to insult thousands of law-abiding gun owners and thousands of other Americans but he is not old enough to receive mild criticism? Laura should not have apologized. There was nothing to apologize for. I guess her huge Fox paycheck was more important than defending her and all Americans’ right to free speech. She should have made THAT the issue: DEFENDING HER RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. As far as Fox goes, like most all corporate executive “hot shots” in this country, as soon as the left rattles a spear they fold like accordions.

  3. ,The Flash says:

    Make NO mistake – the liberal-dictated political correctness is alive and well……… You WILL obey- Sig Heil!

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