It’s the Bill of Rights Not the “bill of needs”

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3 responses to “It’s the Bill of Rights Not the “bill of needs””

  1. Katie, it is not about your wants or needs. It is only about them having control.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Once again, Feinstein and her slimy gun-grabbing pals, are completely wrong. Thousands of wild pigs and goats, coyotes, deer, elk and a lot more animals have been taken with AR15s and AR10s. This assault on “assault weapons” is just an excuse for the lefties to take ALL of our guns. The 2nd Amendment is the backbone of our Bill of Rights and our entire U.S. Constitution. And the globalists know it.

  3. DR FEELSGOOD says:

    its time to back the organizations and people who are actually not giving in to politics like the NRA is doing. gun owners of america is doing that job

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