As Membership Soars, NRA Fights Back

NRA Targets ‘Every Hollywood Phony,’ ‘Lying Media’ with Time’s Up-Inspired Ad

3 responses to “As Membership Soars, NRA Fights Back”

  1. Harold Saive says:

    The NRA failure to legally challenge the facts in the Sandy Hook “False Flag” staged shooting is evidence they are not really on the side of the US constitution at all. Sandy Hook “hoax” was such a sloppy Psyop, it could easily be exposed in a court of law. Here’s the evidence in a book by 6 PhD authors.

    FREE ONLINE BOOK: The first of 2 editions is published for FREE online in PDF format providing proof beyond a reasonable doubt. “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It Was a FEMA drill to Promote Gun Control”.

    • Tom says:

      Obviously this guy is one of the highly educated boobs endemic to this county who spreads the fake news. He probably disputes the existence of the German death camps. My Dad ran a supply column for the 3rd Armored Battalion of the 1st Army. He told me about liberating one of those camps. Perhaps all the WWII veterans who could attest to seeing or liberating such camps are all dead now.
      I choose to fight back.

  2. Harold Saive says:

    The Marjory Stone Douglas school shooting is another psyop. Deep research into Shooting victims ID’s and certified deaths reveals organized deception. Multiple instances of foreknowledge and student testimony of multiple shooters brings the narrative of “lone gunman” into serious question. See it here:
    Conclusive Evidence of “Staged” False Flag Shooting at Stoneman High School in Florida. Research of actual casualties and ID of victims is robust evidence that nobody died.

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