Corrupt Media Markets Gun Control Like Gay Marriage — Say Goodbye to Your Civil Rights

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by John Nolte

The debate over gay marriage began with local conversations. Each of the 50 states would decide the issue on their own. After we discussed the matter amongst ourselves and everyone had a say, we would have ourselves a vote.

During this debate, we were assured and reassured that gay marriage would not affect us. All we want are our rights! All we want is equality! All we want is to be like you! It’s no skin off your nose! Over and over, we were promised this.

Pop culture also weighed in. TV, movies, documentaries, and various news magazines, promised us that gay marriage would bring everyone together. Carefully manufactured depictions portrayed gay nuptials as a means for families and communities to heal old wounds while a sense of Happily Ever After descended over the land.

Then came the phony media polls that showed a majority in favor of gay marriage. But, as actual voting proved, those polls were rigged. In referendums all around the country, even California, gay marriage failed.

This is when the left’s mask came off.

After voting proved Americans were understandably uneasy about gay marriage, the left and their media allies showed their true selves. The era of discussion and democracy abruptly ended. Suddenly we were the targets of venomous hate campaigns, of boycotts. Even though we held the same view of gay marriage Barack Obama did just a few months earlier, the media sought to turn us into something socially unacceptable — we were ostracized, slapped with a scarlet letter as bigots, homophobes, and Nazis who hid behind our evil Christianity.

Fast forward to 2018… And here we go again. continue reading at

6 responses to “Corrupt Media Markets Gun Control Like Gay Marriage — Say Goodbye to Your Civil Rights”

  1. ,The Flash says:

    It’s amazing that it had to get this far before conservatives to WAKE UP! Many still haven’t. I fear that we’ve passed the tipping point.

  2. Joe Z says:

    I’m sure most liberal morons don’t realize that although an AR-15 looks like an M-16, the AR-15 is nothing more than a semi-auto rifle. You squeeze the trigger and ONE SHOT FIRES. It functions just like any other semi-auto rifle or handgun. In that sense, a revolver is the same. One squeeze of the trigger and one shot fires. The FBI incompetents wasted our tax dollars “investigating” imaginary Russian collusion by Trump rather than taking down yet another goofball mass shooter before he strikes. I guess true liberals would like to see as many mass shootings as possible so they can destroy the Second Amendment and take guns away from the 99.99999% of Americans who do NOT misuse guns. You think an armed teacher could have stopped the shooter punk in his tracks? Yep, with one shot.

  3. Tom says:

    I think all this media hype junk is a big rubber strap being stretched tighter and tighter. We are approaching the point when things are going to snap back, hard. There should be some laws that throttle the media. Freedom of the press has been violated long enough. Perhaps this is slowly happening. I think CNN is going broke. So many big newspapers are deep in the hole. They should have disappeared long ago.

  4. Michael says:

    There doesn’t appear to be anyway to save us from ourselves. To quote Pogo; “I have met the enemy and he is us”!

  5. Harold Saive says:

    Like Sandy Hook. Rigorour research reveals The Parkland shooting was another complete hoax. Shame in Rick Scott and the NRA for subscribing to another capstone gun-grab event. Here’s the proof:

  6. Harold Saive says:

    BUSTED: Actor, David Hogg Interviews “Survivors” at 9:32 AM – almost 5 Hours before the alleged Shooting. Hogg made a mistake by uploading the entire un-edited video to his youtube account where he announces the time of the Alex View interview at 9:32. Alex view is heard reading her anti-gun rant from a script

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