Breaking: A Statement from our Congressman, Ted Yoho

The following statement was released by Congressman Ted Yoho (R, FL) earlier this morning:

Yesterday in your Nation’s Capitol, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi grandstanded on the House floor for 8 hours, effectively preventing Members of the House from conducting their business on behalf of the American people. The citizens – the very people that have sent all Members of Congress to do the Nation’s business and keep government functioning – were forsaken for a group of people residing in our Nation illegally.

The important work that was to be completed included funding for our military, national security, disaster relief and more, but no. Mrs. Pelosi chose to place a greater value on illegal aliens rather than the legal, law abiding citizens who have elected not just her, but our entire body that makes up Congress.

It is a sad day for our Republic when any Member of Congress holds hostage critical funding for all of government over an issue such as amnesty for people here illegally. She has demanded a debate on amnesty; a debate that was agreed to over a week ago. What we witnessed yesterday was nothing more than a PR stunt – another sad example of party politics over Country.

What Nancy Pelosi did was an injustice for all Americans. Yes, our immigration policy is a disgrace but grandstanding for eight hours, stopping the House from funding our military or National security is an outrage.

I pray that perhaps someday Mrs. Pelosi and the party she leads will consider putting putting America and her citizens first and genuinely work with all colleagues to solve our Country’s many serious challenges instead of resorting to tawdry partisan politics.


2 responses to “Breaking: A Statement from our Congressman, Ted Yoho”

  1. Joe Z says:

    Illegals and Pelosi…both NIGHTMARES.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Very well said, Ted. It’s their party in a nutshell…selfish, arrogant, clueless, Full of nuts shelling out our money for all their idiotic causes. Me too? Wake up and smell the coffee. There is NO crisis here. They are living back in the 50’s or earlier.

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