5 responses to “Deplorables and Dreamers”

  1. James Sharp says:

    Dan Bongino takes no prisoners. I like both Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. But, IMO, both shows have grown stale. Fox News should give Bongino his own show. Imagine a one-two punch of Judge Jeanine and Bongino on Saturday nights.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Dreamers? NIGHTMARES would be a far more accurate description.

  3. DR FEELSGOOD says:

    let me get this right. the dreamers are here illegally, and have not tried to comply with the laws and constitution of the land to date. now they are protesting for our elected officials to not enforce laws and obey the constitution of the land which they swore to uphold. RETURN TO SENDER PLEASE.

    • ,The Flash says:

      You’re using logic. Admit it (according to Democrats), you’re just a racist! Wait, Mexicans are the same race of Caucasian, just like you? Doesn’t matter, you’re still a racist!!! Just admit it and you’ll feel better – and don’t forget to vote for Oprah!

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