RAILROADED: The Real Reasons Al Franken Is No Longer A Senator

By Eddie Zipperer

Three weeks after volunteering as Democratic Party tribute Hunger-Games-Style, Al Franken has finally relinquished his Senate seat. Operation: Moral High Ground, the Democrats’ transparent plan to claim victory in America’s #metoo moment, was a simple one.

Step One: Run Al Franken out of town. No ethics investigation. No consideration of Minnesota voters. No censure or lesser discipline. Just an aggressive Franken-ectomoy.

Step Two: Sit back and wait for alleged pedophile Roy Moore to win a Senate seat in Alabama’s special election.

Step Three: Make sure Franken’s exit shares a news cycle with Roy Moore’s entrance. It would have been the Holy Grail of partisan juxtaposition—the split-screen video image to end all split screen video images.

Step Four: Scream into the echo chamber that Republicans are the Roy Moore party and Democrats are the party of women.

But Roy Moore lost, and Operation: Moral High Ground turned out to be an Acme rocket that blew up Al Franken and left Senate Republicans Meep-Meeping as they ran down the road to tax reform. In the end, the Democratic Party sacrificed one of their most high profile Senators without gaining one square inch of moral high ground.

There should have been an ethics investigation. Unfortunately for Franken, there wasn’t time for any sort of fact-finding or due process; there was only time for politically expedient, angry mob justice.

Franken’s fellow Senate Democrat Joe Manchin said on Politico’s Off- Message Podcast that Franken got “railroaded by fellow Democrats” and that what happened to Franken was “the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen done to a human being.”

Franken was railroaded because he got hit with a perfect storm of political opportunism. Franken didn’t resign because he admitted to being guilty. In fact, he maintained his innocence all along saying, “Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently.” He didn’t resign the people of Minnesota wanted him to. A recent PPP poll showed that Minnesotans, by an 8 point margin, wanted him to stay— that’s almost his exact margin of victory in the 2014 election. Even if Minnesotans had wanted him ousted, the constitution of Minnesota allows for a recall.

Here are of few of the real reasons that Democrats saw fit to undo an election decided by Minnesota voters:

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