Judge Jeanine Opening Statement – Illegal Alien Killer of Kate Steinle Acquitted

Partial transcript: The agenda of the lawless left was satisfied when a jury acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of all homicide charges, murder and involuntary manslaughter and the sanctuary zealots of San Francisco are still patting themselves on the back. It’s unfortunate that Kate Steinle, a beautiful 32 year old young woman, simply walking along a pier on a sunny day with her dad, was gunned down by an illegal seven-time convicted felon, legally deported five times, that she had to leave this world in her father’s arms begging him to help her. She had the right as an American citizen. To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. She had the right to be protected by her government. Instead Zarate and not God decided when she would die. Instead San Francisco decided his criminal rights were more important than her safety…

3 responses to “Judge Jeanine Opening Statement – Illegal Alien Killer of Kate Steinle Acquitted”

  1. Joe Z says:

    The crazy lefties that support this sanctuary city crap are…just…plain…evil.

  2. Tom says:

    I would like to see Gov. Brown and the mayors of all the sanctuary cities in a nice sanctuary like Leavenworth. They could take the place of our soldiers from Afganistan who tried to protect their troops by killing some dirtbag muslim intent on killing Americans. Of course that won’t happen unless the country starts throwing out the dirtbag sanctuary judges.

    • Kafir Carol says:

      Gainesville and Alachua county are both sanctuary status. See ICE’s website for Alachua county’s listing among the 10 worst sanctuary counties in the US; https://www.ice.gov/doclib/ddor/ddor2017_01-28to02-03.pdf page 2/Alachua Co.
      We are “conveniently” located along I-75; a major drug and human trafficking corridor between Atlanta, Tampa and Miami. Call our city and county commissioners re. the stealth “Welcoming” communities program (sanctuary and “refugee” resettlement) passed by them. Demand information re. this secretive program!

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