Ward Scott Interviews Judge Jeanine Pirro


North Central Florida radio host Ward Scott does a great interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro, former Westchester County, New York District Attorney and currently the host of the prime time Fox News program, “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” on Wednesday, November 8th.

Judge Jeanine will be the keynote speaker at the Alachua County Republican Party’s annual Black Tie and Blue Jeans Barbecue being held just outside of Gainesville, Florida on November 9th.

Find out more about this event and see ticket info at: http://www.blacktieandbluejeans.com/.

Hat tip: James Bozeman and Ward Scott


Come See Judge Jeanine!!

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2 responses to “Ward Scott Interviews Judge Jeanine Pirro”

  1. Joe Z says:

    I’d rather see Judge Jeanine as our AG rather than “Gentleman” Jeff Sessions. JJ has big cajones. “Gentleman” Jeff has…BB balls. I’m still wondering when the Donald is going to hire people who actually support his agenda.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Please get him FIRED!!!! Trey Gowdy, JJ, Chris Christie, anyone would be better. He comes across (and is) SO TIMID. A new AG would not have to deal with recusing himself. So stupid! Something’s very wrong.

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