3 responses to “Liberal Tears Will Make the Seas Rise”

  1. Joe Z says:

    When Green Crook Al Gore left his vp job his net worth was $2 million. Ten years later, after pushing the Green Scam with his Wall Street pals, Al’s net worth ballooned to over $200 million. And if Al and his crooked pals could control the carbon-credits scam, Green Al would be worth billions today. Phony Al is so concerned about his carbon footprint, that he lives in a 25,000 square feet house. Of course, the rest of us should live in a 400-square-feet box and eat our gruel.

  2. Plantation Mark says:

    I live 229 feet above sea level and 130 miles from the coast and own a boat so let it rise.

  3. Tom says:

    I heard on one the radio shows that Al Goreleon was on one of the Sunday news shows saying that there were fish swimming on the streets on Miami Beach. The lies just keep growing his nose longer.

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