4 responses to “Is the Constitution Constitutional?”

  1. Cheryl says:

    You gotta love that man. Combination of truth and a sense of humor. Although liberals don’t get sarcasm anymore…everything you say is “hate speech” if they don’t like your opinions. Opinions are not allowed in their world. If opinions could be set on fire or smashed, they’d do it. Well, they kind of already did, didn’t they.

  2. Alan Berkelhammer says:

    Great comment, Cheryl!

  3. Joe Z says:

    Those black-robed incompetents in the 9th Circuit Court would last about fifteen minutes in one of those Muslim countries they love so much before they were dragged out and had their heads chopped off.

  4. David M. says:

    I was raised, and taught to believe, that judges were supposed to be impartial arbiters of the law, as it is based on the Constitution. While I now know that such a belief is hopelessly naive’, that’s still the way it’s supposed to be! Politics should never be part of the judicial process, so why does it seem that liberal judges can’t seem to understand that concept?

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