Nuclear Option: ‘1984’ Sales Soar: Could Liberals Be Great Again?

Donning dirty T-shirts that say things like “nasty woman” and “resist,” the melting snowflakes are fleeing this Orange Revolution for their latest safe space. But it is probably one that should come with a trigger warning for these tender little kiddies.

In droves, the precious political “liberals” and “progressives” are gobbling up copies of George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” about “the perils of a totalitarian police state,” according to The Washington Post.

The book reached No. 1 among fiction paperbacks in the Washington area, according to the paper. Just ahead of “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis, another throwback novel about “a populist president [who] becomes a dictator.”

Hmmm, I wonder what is going on here.

Are the kids finally waking up and after decades of blithe ignorance and deciding to finally educate themselves about social studies? Are they suddenly “woke” to the ancient questions such as “Who should govern?” and “Where do rights come from?

Are they finally concerned about the dangers of a crushingly powerful and all-knowing Leviathan government that reaches into every aspect of people’s lives? Or, perhaps they are reading up in preparation for a visit to Cuba.

Probably not. But Orwell was a pretty smart guy and wrote some brilliant books. Most of us, of course, did not need to rush out and buy a copy of “1984” after Obamacare was jammed through Congress because, well, because we all still have our copies from when we first read it as teenagers.

The only reason there isn’t an actual Obamacare in “1984” is that even Mr. Orwell’s considerable imagination could not conjure up something so diabolical and wrong.

A system that forces Little Sisters of the Poor to commit what they believe is murder. And then forces them to pay for it.

A system that gives the superstate access to all of your most personal medical information and forces you into medical situations whether you want them or not [bold type: mine].

It is the same superstate that President Obama entrusted to spy on elderly people on Social Security who required help keeping their finances straight. If they are not able to balance their checkbooks on their own, they would be deemed mentally unfit and added to the federal list of criminals barred from purchasing weapons.

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3 responses to “Nuclear Option: ‘1984’ Sales Soar: Could Liberals Be Great Again?”

  1. James Sharp says:

    Good article, Alan. Charles Hurt is a bright young guy; one of my favorite pundits who regularly appears on Fox News (generally on Special Report with Bret Baier).

    P.S.: I’d love to see GTP try to rekindle the “fire” that it enjoyed several years ago. We got President Trump elected, but that’s just one battle in a much larger war. I’d like to suggest holding some counter-protests to let the snowflakes know that we’re sick of their c**p.

    • David M. says:

      Not a bad idea at all, James! My only concern would, given so many examples of liberal violence towards conservatives across the country, I’d hate to see such a thing happen here. On the other hand, silence from us WILL be interpreted as acquiescence, because liberals really DO believe that they alone occupy the moral high-ground and we’re all just stupid dupes who need to see the (their) light.

  2. Joe Z says:

    Eight years of Ocommie and most liberals still don’t have a clue.

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