• Posted January 7, 2016

    David Martin

    Sadly, Levin is all too accurate. Liberals have zero interest in the truth or facts unless they support the liberal agenda. I was discussing Obama’s latest executive order with a liberal friend the other day, and she had no concept of the facts. She claimed that there were “thousands and thousands” of children killed by guns in America each year. I asked her what “thousand and thousands” meant, and she said 10-15,000. I asked her if the actual facts would changer her mind.

    The “fact” is that there were less than 2700 “children” killed last year. While I agree that this is still too many, let’s examine this statistic. First, the Feds define “children” as being less than 20 years old (1-19). Hypocritically, they have no problem defining 18-19 year olds as “adults” when it comes to the military, the court system and paying taxes. Next, these “child gun deaths” include gang deaths (if they’re under 20), suicides, accidents and legitimate police shootings (again, if the victim is under 20). Next time you see a strapping 18 or 19 year old on a construction job site or wearing a military or police uniform, go up to him and inform him that the Obama administration considers him a “child” and listen for his response.

    My liberal friend replied that someone on the left who was as well informed as I was could surely counter my facts with “better facts” and “good facts”. WTF? I tried to tell her that facts are not good or bad, they are just facts but she had already stopped listening.

  • Posted January 7, 2016

    Joe Z

    The socialists want most of your money and want to eliminate most of your rights. The communists want all of your money and want to eliminate all of your rights.

  • Posted January 7, 2016


    Levin is so much better to listen to compared to Hannity who maintains idiotic arguments with liberals and they just keep blithering their idiotic crap.

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