She’s Created an Environmentalist Monster

09/14/2015:  Today Rush Limbaugh talked about a mother sending her son off to college: “Bidding my college-bound son good riddance. I have raised a sweet, thoughtful, environmentally conscious monster—and soon I will be free.”

By Ronnie Cohen

My son, Cory, will leave our Northern California home to start college back East in the fall, prompting other mothers to offer condolences about my soon-to-be-empty nest. Though they expect me to break into tears, my overriding emotion when my youngest departs will be relief. I will finally be freed from the constant scrutiny of the ever-vigilant eco-warrior I raised.

I can do nothing right in my teenage son’s eyes. He grills me about the distance traveled of each piece of fruit and every vegetable I purchase. He interrogates me about the provenance of all the meat, poultry, and fish I serve. He questions my every move—from how I choose a car (why not electric?) and a couch (why synthetic fill?) to how I tend the garden (why waste water on flowers?)—an unremitting interrogation of my impact on our desecrated environment. While other parents hide alcohol and pharmaceuticals from their teens, I hide plastic containers and paper towels. Continue reading at


  • Posted September 15, 2015

    Joe Z

    Maybe the EPA can put young Cory in prison for moving some dirt on his own property. Then, possibly, the socialist punk might pull his hotel out of his alpha.

  • Posted September 15, 2015


    This is a NO-BRAINER!!——We reap what we sow!!! And now this regret-filled poor dear has unleashed ANOTHER eco-terrorist upon the rest of the population. I think that she has also propelled her son into becoming a “warrior” that will end up in jail, leading an unhappy life, and making other people unhappy along the way. What a waste of intelligence, determination and family connection. By the way, there was never a mention of a father in this equation. Maybe a little more love and discipline would have balanced this kid out. Too bad that she didn’t recognize the signs earlier. Funny that it was O.K. to teach her child about being so environmentally sensitive about the world in general, but then, when it came home to roost— it wasn’t very pleasant!The one thing that the “ecology warriors” have never learned is that PEOPLE are more important than porpoises! We, as conservatives realize that there has to be a balance between “conserving” our resources and providing for the betterment of OUR species. It is ludicrous for anyone to believe that we should use up our planet’s resources, just because we CAN! We don’t believe that. The very word “conservative” means that we should try to use what God has given us in a responsible, efficient manner to preserve our resources( that includes, air, water, animals, plants, AND people) for the best use now and for preservation and “husbanding” of for the future. There is a difference in the two philosophies in that leftists believe in preserving the earth in unrealistic ways-to the restriction of and ultimate detriment of the population, whereas conservatives believe in striving to balance use of the planet’s resources and preserving them for the future. If anyone were to search the facts, they would find that hunters, fishermen, sports enthusiasts, etc. fund more of the preservation of fish, wildlife, waterways, wetlands, etc. than anyone else. Sad story.

  • Posted September 17, 2015


    The true blessing or a brain that God gave us is that we can find solutions to limitations/problems. Look how far we have come in the use/reuse of water and so many other resources . The great invisible hand of pure capitalism will lead us in the best use of resources.

    She has created this monster by not emphasizing the importance of quality of Human life and that capitalism goes hand in hand with conservation. Why do you think so many from all over the world are flocking here… now it’s for freebee’s before it was for Opportunity and probably is for many!

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