V.I.P. Bruce Nelson – Call to Action

Last Saturday our dear and dependable County watchdog, Bruce Nelson suffered four strokes.  He is a fighter and is in stable condition and has been released from the hospital.  Bruce is already back on the battle field giving direction.  This coming Tuesday, Sept. 1st at 10 am the County will be reviewing the Sheriff’s budget on the second floor of the County Administration Building.

Bruce has always been there for us.  I cannot think of any better medicine for Bruce than to have us filling the county auditorium in support of Law Enforcement.

Thank you,

Debbie Martinez

2 responses to “V.I.P. Bruce Nelson – Call to Action”

  1. Alan Berkelhammer says:

    Our thoughts and Prayers go out to our Patriot friend, Bruce.
    Let’s support him in any way we can!

  2. James Sharp says:

    Echoing Alan’s sentiments.

    I remember hearing Bruce call in to Bob Rose’s show not long after my wife and I moved to Alachua County. This was prior to the 2004 elections. Bruce mentioned his store in Newberry and I said to myself, “I have to go meet this guy.” So I drove to his store and introduced myself.

    He is a class act and we wish him well in his recovery.

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