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Kat-Cammack2015 TOP 30 UNDER 30 Young Conservatives!!!

We would like to extend our CONGRATULATIONS and warmest regards to Kat Cammack, Congressman Ted Yoho’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for being selected as one of the TOP 30 Under 30 Young Conservatives for Red Alert Politics!!!

We are certainly proud of you Kat and will continue to watch as you go and grow further into your career!!

Please read Kat’s bio and her comments to the three questions asked of her!

Kat grew up on a small ranch outside of Denver, CO. Raised with her sister by a single mother who owned her own business in Denver, she was taught at an early age the meaning of hard work.

A month before her college graduation, her family was notified that they had lost their ranch to a loophole in President Obama’s mortgage re-modification program. Faced with a 30-day eviction, her family was forced out of their home and off their land into a motel. While homeless, she received a call from a family friend asking if she would be interested in working on a first-time candidate’s campaign for Congress in Florida.

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  • Posted July 14, 2015

    Alan Berkelhammer

    Great article with some well deserved recognition for Ms. Cammack. Congressional staffers often don’t get the recognition they deserve. And kudos again to Ted Yoho for having the vision and courage to take a chance on a young mover and shaker. That bet has paid off in spades!

  • Posted July 14, 2015

    Cheryl Breon

    Did I hear right on the radio this morning? There was something about the “new” discriminatory drawing of the lines for probably everyone they don’t like (Ted) and making his district smaller and edging people out this way……this should be so illegal if it’s not already. But the “pen” and the “phone” will have their way I guess. Not to mention John Boehner wanting conservatives edged out anyway so “do nothing” Boehner would continue and McConnell would help him “do nothing”. What a pair!

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