We Lost a Great and Talented Patriot This Week

I have been a fan and follower of Alan Caruba for quite some time. His writing was insightful and always spot on. I will miss him – ADB.

From Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation:

It is with great sadness tonight that we pass along the news of the passing of a patriot and a good friend of Tea Party Nation.

Alan Caruba died yesterday.  He was an incredible patriot and a great writer.  Alan served his nation and became a very successful PR executive.  But his passion was this nation and passing the legacy of freedom and liberty on to future generations.

Alan wrote for many blogs including Tea Party Nation.  His writing was well researched and well thought out.  He took liberals to task, particularly the environmental Nazis.   One thing that always shone through his writing was his deep and abiding love for America.

Alan was a frequent contributor to TPN and most Sundays, he would submit a new blog.  I always looked forward to his Sunday contributions because they were always worth reading.

Alan was a great man and a great American.  We at TPN will miss him.

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