Alachua County Commission-“We Can Be Judge, Jury and Executioner”

Well, well, well. It was just a matter of time before one of the Alachua County Commissioners let it be known that the reason the sheriff deputies are not getting a raise this year is because they keep busting people for pot.  Commissioner Hutchinson has made it well known that he has told the Sheriff that deputies need to stop busting people for marijuana offenses. Regardless of how one may feel about legalized marijuana, the deputies have a duty to enforce the laws that are on the books. Don’t like the laws, then change the laws. You cannot tell deputies that their livelihood is dependent on ignoring certain laws that the Commissioner does not like. In most states there are laws against such actions. This is worrisome enough that we hope the Sheriff will pursue legal action against such intimidation.

Now that we have your interest, please click on the link below to view a copy of Tuesday’s County Commission Special meeting.

You can move the cursor to the 2 hour 45 min mark (2:45:00) and catch most of Commissioner Hutchinson’s comments ranging from taking control of the jail and not allowing room for minor drug offenders, informing the TV land viewers that if they get busted to ask for a trial by jury because you will most certainly get off and finally telling officers “Sorry, you didn’t get your raise because you are busting people.”

The whole section lasts about 15 minutes-

My personal views on drugs are irrelevant. Many of our readers know that the war on drugs has not worked.  Just as the war on poverty or the war on most anything has not worked. The WAR has become a business in and of itself. So let’s see what needs to change. There are so many pieces to the puzzle and the biggest piece is personal responsibility. But as the Government continues to take control of 100% of our daily lives the personal responsibility piece becomes smaller and smaller.

We can not have a group of County Commissioners influence the way police officers do their jobs (Protect You) just because they may not like a law. Can anyone say Politicians and Baltimore crime rate?

If you send an email to the address below it will automatically go to each of the five Commissioners. Let them know how you feel!

12 responses to “Alachua County Commission-“We Can Be Judge, Jury and Executioner””

  1. william Boe says:

    No surprises here! And the State’s Attorney office may as well issue a news release from the President’s Sky Box at Florida Field that NEVER will Gator athletes be subjected to equality in law enforcement….you can arrest them, but we sure as hell WILL NOT prosecute them…might interfere with Saturday’s game against George Southern and we just might get beat again by those peskie gnats from Statesboro……Gainesville is known state wide that it’s a great place for B&Es, assaults, etc…and the police are the bad guys for actually arresting folks for bad behavior! Time to vote in efficient law enforcement and vote out those who make deals rather than protect the public!

  2. David Martin says:

    Personally, I think marijuana laws are not only outdated, but terribly hypocritical given the alcohol laws, and I think the law enforcement community should focus their time on REAL crimes that happen everyday. However, for a commissioner to make the statements that Hutchinson did, or take any negative actions against the Sheriff’s department is beyond inappropriate. Sadly, this is what liberals do. They want to dictate their beliefs to everyone else, and if they actually have any power, use that power to enforce their dictates. Witness Obama on dozens of issues, as well as Hillary, who should be in prison over the illegal destruction of her (already) illegal email server. You could bet the farm that, if a Republican Secretary of State had done this, Democrats would be apoplectic screaming for their head! Hypocrites!

  3. Jim-Bob Eiland says:

    I think it’s time for a New Sheriff. One that can get along with everyone, including her own employees and government officials.

  4. John Cutright says:

    Comm. Robert Hutchinson’s comments reveal his lack of respect for the laws as written and our fine Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies. How do we citizens begin a recall of a representative that favors selective law enforcement? His words make the Baltimore mayor look like a fan of law enforcement in comparison.

  5. Bruce Nelson says:

    Anyone intrested in looking at florida statutes chapter 838 BRIBERY,MISUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE can see how serious the actions during this meeting may have been.I will ask to meet with the State Attorney concerning this matter in the near future.

  6. Bruce Nelson says:

    we should remember this issue has nothing to do with who may or may not be Sheriff.The issue is quite simple, Do we let the BOCC determine what laws apply in Alachua County by using funding and salaries to coerce their version of Florida law,law they may be in violation of.This could just as well been a building official rejecting a permit at the request of a commissioner on threat of not getting a raise.

    • Rod Gonzalez says:

      You are correct Bruce. There are many many individuals and business owners who are afraid to stand up for what’s right because of concern of retaliation from officials. These are very valid concerns which cannot be discounted. Luckily some in this community are still willing and able to put themselves on the line.

  7. Sue says:

    Totally true Rod. And worse, I know conservative area residents who register Democrat only to avoid the (perceived?) official prejudice against Republicans in Gainesville and AC. What Hutch said is inexcusable but I have no doubt his liberal community is singing his praises even as we comment.

  8. Bruce Nelson says:

    The but mommy johnny stole an apple also defense by pointing to other laws which may need to be reformed is mute. The facts are on june 2 second Commissioner Hutchenson in a meeting of the BOCC stated to the Sheriff and deputies you are not getting a raise if you enforce laws I do not like.This issue was before the voters and failed.I suggest folks smoke pot in your home until this issue is resolved in the proper manner.Again I refer you to Florida statute 838 BRIBERY,MISUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE.

  9. Tom says:

    This happened just after the commissioners had a meeting with the Democratic Election Committee which has the effect of all the dictators of Alachua County getting together and determining their strategies going forward.
    The DEC here obviously takes their marching orders directly from Washington. Washington has been directing overtly and covertly that the police are to be projected as the bad guys and the bad guys are to be projected as the poor poor underclasses oppressed by the mean nasty police. Proven in most cases so far to be total lies and fabrications after only minor investigations.
    The timing of Comrade dictator Hutchinson’s comments makes me wonder what was said and directed in the DEC meeting. Since it included elected officials, that meeting should have been in the sunshine. I’m willing to bet there is no video of that meeting and no minutes. If minutes only are produced, I am seriously doubtful of the authenticity of such minutes without video or some sort of recording as backup.
    I do not trust [(socialist / communist / Bolsheviks)= liberals / progressives].

  10. Tom says:

    Has anybody else out there figured out we are living “Animal Farm”? It was required reading back in the 70’s. Probably not any more. To many people would be like the horse and figure out the plans of the pigs.

    For those of you who don’t have time to read such “nonsense”, the pigs finally become indistinguishable from the (farmers = dictators).

  11. mark cook says:

    If Hutch is this bold to speak out in public about his plans, I would be looking for other people behind the scenes and implicate them also. Can’t we do drug tests on county employ’s ???? Zero tolerance Hutch. Plantation Mark Va.

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